[setup - the official Cygwin setup program] annotated tag release_2.885, created. release_2.885

jturney@sourceware.org jturney@sourceware.org
Sun Jan 28 16:45:00 GMT 2018

        at  e8b9372814078b2b8a21b48e4d3f570249d5c4df (tag)
   tagging  bb8a17ba89743eeaa17574504395d4a9968edfc8 (commit)
  replaces  release_2.884
 tagged by  Jon Turney
        on  Sun Jan 28 16:44:27 2018 +0000



Jon Turney (28):
      Make any MessageBox shown by the GuiParseFeedback class modal to the progress page
      Opaque how PackageDepends is stored
      Factor out reading installed.db
      Store package stability in class packageversion
      Change to using a libsolv pool for storing package information
      Remove cygpackage class
      Remove packageversion class
      Drop in SolvableVersion as a replacement for packageversion
      Use solver to check for problems and produce a list of package transactions
      Download/checksum/install/uninstall what transaction wants
      Add obsoletes: support
      Add a PackageSpecification() constructor which takes a package name and version
      Handle 'Source:' lines in setup.ini
      Use solver for initial pick list when upgrading
      Non-existent source packages aren't accessible for installation
      Add distupgrade support to solver
      Change UI to add 'Sync' choice and change 'Test' to checkbox
      Take command line package/category install/uninstall into account
      Ensure packagedb and underlying solver pool is empty before we read setup.ini
      Correctly order preparing packagedb for chooser
      More crash avoidance in SolvableVersion member functions
      Apply default solution to dependency problems
      Remove all trailing ".any" from package names in problem report
      Preserve reinstall tasks when going back from dependency problem page.
      Add 'depends2:' as an alternative to 'depends':
      Add handling for 'replace-versions:' in setup.ini
      Add a new page to let the user review and confirm actions
      Merge branch 'topic/libsolv'

Ken Brown (20):
      Query the user if a corrupt local file is found
      Don't override a Keep selection
      Fix setup.ini parsing
      Add SolvableVersion::obsoletes()
      Improve the reading of installed.db
      Ask solver to check dependencies of installed packages
      Allow the installation of test packages without setting "Test" globally
      Don't create an "_installed_test_" repo
      Download only the packages being installed
      Fix 'SolverTasks::taskList' typedef
      Factor out SolverTasks::setTasks()
      Add new member function SolverSolution::trans2db
      Add a ficitious "base" package that requires all Base packages
      Allow user to refuse the default problem solutions
      Extend the SolvableVersion member functions to the empty package
      Fix the functionality of taskKeep
      Don't override a Skip selection
      Avoid clobbering installed.db when no setup.ini is found
      Remove the function filemanip.cc:base()
      Clarify the unsolved-problems warning

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