[calm - Cygwin server-side packaging maintenance script] annotated tag 20171204, created. 20171204

jturney@sourceware.org jturney@sourceware.org
Mon Dec 4 13:53:00 GMT 2017

        at  8fd3e9c194248bf1d144f214be6a5e99c6595ffe (tag)
   tagging  c0d3ec73b68e91a944d824e7024d7a69dde1fb5a (commit)
  replaces  20171113
 tagged by  Jon Turney
        on  Mon Dec 4 13:53:26 2017 +0000



Jon Turney (21):
      Add a copy of the MIT license as LICENSE
      Fix representation of OrderedDict in test data with python 3.6
      Extend the sdesc in one hint to work around limitations of previous fix
      Shrink ldesc in one hint to work around limitations of previous fix
      Fix representation of defaultdict in test data for python 3.6
      Test with python 3.6 as well on Travis
      Rationalize the way we run ad-hoc tools
      Add a tool for migrating setup.hint to pvr.hint
      Add a tool for finding duplicates
      Various fixes and improvements to dedup tool
      Suppress empty depends:, obsoletes:, build-depends:
      Fix logging of bad sha512.sum line not to include newline
      Don't warn about directories which just contain .sum files
      Consider external-source: in 'empty but not obsolete' check
      Repository paths generated by mkgitolite should start with git/
      Make calm and mksetupini return a non-zero exit status on error
      Add mksetupini option --disable-check
      Add a disable-check: key in override.hint to disable certain checks
      Make --disable-check able to take comma separated values
      Update TODO
      Update version to 20171204

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