[cygutils] annotated tag v1_4_15, created. v1_4_15

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Thu Nov 12 09:48:00 GMT 2015

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   tagging  c3bb28d5d9a59bfc809b91d8205cd27a76f823cd (commit)
 tagged by  Mark Geisert
        on  Thu Nov 12 01:48:21 2015 -0800

version 1.4.15

Charles Wilson (160):
      Initial import
      Add last implementation and supporting changes
      help with autotools
      Added utmpdump implementation from Mark Bradshaw
      Add realpath program
      Add ddate implementation
      Prepare for 0.9.8 release
      Lots of changes to support building on non-cygwin platforms.
      Fix spelling in cal.c.
      migrate includes to common.h; insure that every .c and .h file has appropriate license information
      initial addition of mkshortcut and lpr.c
      Add mkshortcut and lpr to distribution
      Rearrange directory structure
      bugfix in configure.ac
      bump version number to 1.0.0
      Add HOW-TO-CONTRIBUTE, other fixes
      new version of mkshortcut
      Oops.  I copied COPYING from popt and assumed it was the GPL.  It wasn't.  This is.
      Add cygstart
      forgot to cvsadd Makefile.in
      Add note-to-self to HOW-TO-CONTRIBUTE
      Fix bug in conv.c (don't treat 0xff as EOF)
      Add col; regenerate autofiles
      one big makefile
      fixup docs
      Add readlink, getopt.  Bump to v1.1.1
      Add rev implementaion; gettextize to work around automake bug
      forgot to add a few files...
      more forgotten checkins
      Modify HOW-TO-CONTRIBUTE to explain gettext changes
      forgotten checkin...
      Add "column" program
      Add "colcrt" program
      Add "colrm" program
      Add "mcookie" program.
      Bump to 1.1.2
      m4/ files not necessary with AM_GNU_GETTEXT([external])
      remove real gettext files since we use AM_GNU_GETTEXT([external])
      finish the gettext removal/simplification
      remove last and utmpdump
      new files to make gettext-0.11.5 happy
      Oops, missed a few changes
      remove autogenerated files
      Oops, also remove stamp-h.in
      make dist now works
      popt-ize mkshortcut
      Oops.  printBottomDescription called from wrong location
      Add --workingdir option to mkshortcut (David Baur)
      fix autoconf problem
      Reimplement lpr in C++, Rick Rankin.
      Cleanup for last commit
      Add -l option to lpr
      Bump version to 1.1.4
      Added BRANCHES file
      lpr: fix printer access mode
      Add ipcs, ipcrm, ipck progs from cygutils
      Fix ^M problem
      Correct some autotool mistakes
      Oops...more foobars with Makefile.am...
      Bump to v1_2_0
      Makefile.am AGAIN. grumble...
      Adapt to DLL version of cygipc
      Ready to tag v1_2_0
      Add readshortcut contribution (Rob Siklos)
      Update putclip and getclip: -d/-u/-n finally implemented! (Rob Siklos)
      Bump version number
      Update mkshortcut manpage (jdf)
      lump commit
      More changes to support cygserver and not cygipc
      fix bug in Makefile.am
      Add -s option to mkshortcut
      Update mkshortcut
      Remove readlink; mmodify conv
      Improvements to cygstart from Anthony Derosa
      More fixes for cygstart (Michael Schaap)
      bump version number; update documentation
      Update cygstart for mount -X compatibility
      Bugfix for dump.c under mingw
      Bump version number
      Documentation updates; bump version number
      Fixes for cygstart; bump version number and documentation
      Remove programs now provided by util-linux
      cygstart: compatibility fix for cygwin snapshots (1.5.22+)
      mkinstalldirs is obsolete
      Add cygicons DLL
      Add -w/--wait option to cygstart
      cygstart: propagate child exit status
      Bump version number; other configure.ac updates
      Require newer gettext; autoreconf
      Fix postinstall bug
      Branch for 1.3.x (cygwin-1.5 only)
      Add support to cygstart for unicode targets
      Fix typo
      Ensure uniformity of --version options.
      Make coding style consistent throughout
      Update version number
      Import relevant changes from MinGW and MSYS port
      Build and distribution fixes.
      Branch-specific fixes for building on MinGW
      Silence compiler warnings
      Add cygdrop utility.
      Only build cygdrop when $host is cygwin.
      Convert many programs to GPLv3+.
      Convert many programs to GPLv3+.
      Release 1.4.1
      Update documentation
      Fix mkshortcut bug
      Add hippo.ico to cygicons DLL
      Release 1.4.2
      Add missing return statement in mkshortcut
      Remove INSTALL from source control
      Various code cleanups
      Correct licensing info for realpath
      Add standard options to cygdrop
      Release 1.4.4
      Update docu for 1.4.4
      Post-release version bump
      Update license for lpr to GPLv3+
      Update license for readshortcut to GPLv3+
      Update license for realpath to GPLv3+
      Update license for cygstart to GPLv3+
      ascii: display only lower 128 chars by default
      Correct licensing oversights
      Change license for cygdrop to GPLv3+
      Fix cygstart --reference
      cygstart: allow relative paths
      Change license for mkshortcut to GPLv3+
      Change license for cygicons.dll to GPLv3+
      Change license for banner to GPLv3+
      Don't distribute dos2unix, unix2dos, u2d, or d2u
      Minor cygdrop fixes
      Fix mkshortcut + AllUsers issue
      Release 1.4.6
      Post-release version bump (1.4.7)
      Update bootstrap for libtool-2.[2,4]
      Integrate cygstart with FD.o menu and mimetype system.
      Remove ascii in deference to new (external) package
      Remove realpath in deference to coreutils(>=8.15) implementation
      Release 1.4.8
      Post release version bump 1.4.9
      Support new cygwin-1.7.13+ clipboard format.
      Support file:// and mailto: URLs in cygstart
      Add new -R/--raw option to readshortcut
      Modernize pathname handling in readshortcut, mkshortcut, and lpr
      Release 1.4.10
      Post-release version bump to 1.4.11
      lpr and readshortcut bugfixes
      New w32api and cross build fixes
      Add winln
      Prep for release
      Other w32api corrections
      Release 1.4.12
      Update to latest gettext (folded into 1.4.12 release)
      64bit fixes -- folded into 1.4.12 release
      Post-release version bump 1.4.13
      cygdrop: Fix bug in obtaining security token information
      Fix memory allocation bug in mkshortcut
      Release 1.4.14

Christopher Faylor (2):
      * Makefile.am: Add rename.
      * src/readshortcut.c (readshortcut): Pass opts by reference so that changes

Mark Geisert (1):
      version 1.4.15

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