rebase/imagehelper ChangeLog sec ...
Sat Feb 16 21:17:00 GMT 2013

CVSROOT:	/sourceware/projects/cygwin-apps-home/cvsfiles
Module name:	rebase
Changes by:	2013-02-16 21:17:18

Modified files:
	imagehelper    : ChangeLog sections.h 

Log message:
	Throughout, tweak pointer expressions to use unambiguous cast
	on all supported platforms.
	* (Exports::dump): Constify argument to avoid compiler
	(Imports::dump): Ditto.
	* sections.h (SectionBase::getAdjust): Change type to ptrdiff_t.
	(SectionBase::adjust): Ditto.
	(Exports::dump): Constify argument in declaration to avoid compiler
	(Imports::dump): Ditto.


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