setup ChangeLog IniDBBuilder.h IniDBBuilderPac ...
Sun Dec 13 19:23:00 GMT 2009

CVSROOT:	/cvs/cygwin-apps
Module name:	setup
Changes by:	2009-12-13 19:23:43

Modified files:
	.              : ChangeLog IniDBBuilder.h 
	                 package_meta.h inilex.ll iniparse.yy 

Log message:
	* IniDBBuilder.h (buildMessage): Define for base class.
	* (IniDBBuilderPackage::buildMessage): Define.
	* IniDBBuilderPackage.h (IniDBBuilderPackage::buildMessage): Declare.
	* Pass pointer to package to "pick" throughout, where
	* Ditto.
	* Ditto.
	* Ditto.
	* Ditto.
	* Ditto.
	(packageversion::pick): Add pkg pointer as second argument.  Display message
	where appropriate.
	* package_version.h (packageversion::pick): Add pkg pointer as second argument.
	* package_meta.h (packagemeta::mesage): Define.
	(packagemeta::set_message): Define.
	* inilex.ll: Properly return MESSAGE token.
	* iniparse.yy: Handle message: keyword.


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