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Sun Jun 28 03:50:00 GMT 2009

CVSROOT:	/cvs/cygwin-apps
Module name:	setup
Changes by:	2009-06-28 03:50:43

Modified files:
	.              : .cvsignore ChangeLog 
	                 SourceSetting.h UserSettings.h 
	        io_stream.h localdir.h 
	        site.h win32.h 
Removed files:
	.              : UserSetting.h 

Log message:
	Preliminary option handling revamp.  Throughout, change load/save methods to
	constructors/destructors which use new UserSettings methods.  Do not inherit
	from UserSetting class.
	* (ExtraKeysSetting *ExtraKeysSetting::global): Define.
	(ExtraKeysSetting::ExtraKeysSetting): Initialize some class members use new
	UserSettings methods.
	(ExtraKeysSetting::~ExtraKeysSetting): Use new UserSettings method.
	* (setup_SOURCES): Eliminate UserSetting.h and
	* Complete rewrite.  Implements new UserSettings class
	* UserSettings.h: Complete rewrite.  Defines new UserSettings class methods.
	* (ExtraKeys): Delete.
	(add_key_from_sexpr): Use ExtraKeysSetting::instance rather than ExtraKeys.
	(verify_ini_file_sig): Ditto.
	* io_stream.h (io_stream): Define virtual << operators.
	* (localDir): Delete.
	* Include headers which declar new dynamically invoked classes.
	(main_display): New function.  Controls order of option setting and property
	page setup.  Add new class invocations to force option setting initializtion.
	(main): Invoke new UserSettings class constructor to populate new settings
	class.  Call main_display() to do most of the setup work.  Call
	() to save all settings.
	* (theSetting): Delete.
	* (SiteSetting::save): Record whether we've saved the information
	(get_site_list): Just use value returned from new UserSettings method rather
	than parsing a file.
	(SiteSetting::getSavedSites): Ditto.
	(write_cache_list): Use UserSettings operator to store mirror cache.
	(save_cache_file): Ditto.
	* (theSetting): Delete.
	* win32.h: gcc-4 accommodation.


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