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Tue Apr 5 21:37:00 GMT 2005

CVSROOT:	/cvs/cygwin-apps
Module name:	setup
Changes by:	2005-04-05 21:37:53

Modified files:
	.              : ChangeLog README 
	        compress_bz.h compress_gz.h 
Removed files:
	.              : GUIDELINES 
	bz2lib         : CHANGES ChangeLog LICENSE Makefile 
	                 aclocal.m4 blocksort.c bzdiff bzdiff.1 bzgrep 
	                 bzgrep.1 bzip2.1 bzip2.1.preformatted bzip2.c 
	                 bzip2.txt bzip2recover.c bzlib.c bzlib.h 
	                 bzlib_private.h bzmore bzmore.1 compress.c 
	                 configure crctable.c decompress.c 
	                 dlltest.c dlltest.dsp huffman.c libbz2.def 
	                 libbz2.dsp makefile.msc manual.html manual.pdf 
	        manual.texi manual_1.html 
	                 manual_2.html manual_3.html manual_4.html 
	                 manual_abt.html manual_ovr.html manual_toc.html 
	                 mk251.c randtable.c sample1.bz2 sample1.ref 
	                 sample2.bz2 sample2.ref sample3.bz2 sample3.ref 
	                 spewG.c unzcrash.c words0 words1 words2 words3 
	zlib           : ChangeLog FAQ INDEX Makefile 
	        Makefile.riscos README 
	                 aclocal.m4 adler32.c algorithm.txt compress.c 
	                 configure crc32.c deflate.c 
	                 deflate.h descrip.mms example.c gzio.c 
	                 infblock.c infblock.h infcodes.c infcodes.h 
	                 inffast.c inffast.h inffixed.h inflate.c 
	                 inftrees.c inftrees.h infutil.c infutil.h 
	                 maketree.c minigzip.c trees.c trees.h uncompr.c 
	                 zconf.h zlib.3 zlib.h zlib.html zutil.c zutil.h 
	zlib/amiga     : Makefile.pup 
	zlib/contrib   : README.contrib visual-basic.txt 
	zlib/contrib/asm386: gvmat32.asm gvmat32c.c mkgvmt32.bat 
	                     zlibvc.def zlibvc.dsp zlibvc.dsw 
	zlib/contrib/asm586: README.586 match.S 
	zlib/contrib/asm686: README.686 match.S 
	zlib/contrib/delphi: zlib.mak zlibdef.pas 
	zlib/contrib/delphi2: d_zlib.bpr d_zlib.cpp readme.txt zlib.bpg 
	                      zlib.bpr zlib.cpp zlib.pas zlib32.bpr 
	zlib/contrib/iostream: test.cpp zfstream.cpp zfstream.h 
	zlib/contrib/iostream2: zstream.h zstream_test.cpp 
	zlib/contrib/minizip: ChangeLogUnzip Makefile miniunz.c 
	                      minizip.c readme.txt unzip.c unzip.def 
	                      unzip.h zip.c zip.def zip.h zlibvc.def 
	                      zlibvc.dsp zlibvc.dsw 
	zlib/contrib/untgz: Makefile makefile.w32 untgz.c 
	zlib/msdos     : Makefile.b32 Makefile.bor Makefile.dj2 
	                 Makefile.emx Makefile.msc 
	                 Makefile.w32 Makefile.wat zlib.def zlib.rc 
	zlib/nt        : Makefile.emx Makefile.gcc Makefile.nt zlib.dnt 
	zlib/os2       : Makefile.os2 zlib.def 

Log message:
	2005-04-05  Max Bowsher  <>
	Remove setup's internal compression libraries, instead relying on the
	mingw-foo packages which have been part of the Cygwin net distribution
	for some time now.  At the same time, reorganize the README file to
	inform about the change, and make some additional tidy-ups there whilst
	working there.
	* GUIDELINES: Remove, contents transferred to README.
	* README: Add build instructions. Delete unconfirmed and fixed bugs
	sections. Incorporate the former contents of GUIDELINES.
	* bz2lib/: Remove.
	* zlib/: Remove.
	* Remove AC_CONFIG_SUBDIRS for removed subdirs.
	* compress_bz.h: Remove complex _WIN32 preprocessor conditional.
	* compress_gz.h: Fix #include file name.
	* Remove unused #include.
	* Remove unused #include.


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