New: wget2 2.0.0 - fast multithreaded file and website downloader

Cygwin wget2 Maintainer
Thu Sep 30 15:00:33 GMT 2021

The following new packages have been added to the Cygwin distribution:

* wget2			2.0.0
* libwget2_1		2.0.0
* libwget2-devel	2.0.0

wget2 2.0.0 is the official stable release of the successor of wget:
a modern, fast, multithreaded, parallel file and recursive website
downloader using HTTP2, HTTP compression, parallel connections, and
If-Modified-Since HTTP headers.

It is a replacement only for the HTTP functions of the original wget,
as it does not support FTP or other protocols, and no longer supports
some of the options of its predecessor, but supports many new features
and options.

The library provides the basic functions needed by a modern web client,
and the development package provides the documentation and linkage
required to use the library, configure, and build packages using it.

For more information, please see the project home page:

For more details, please see the release announcement:

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