Updated: mintty 3.4.6

Thomas Wolff towo@towo.net
Fri Feb 19 14:37:54 GMT 2021

I have uploaded mintty 3.4.6 with the following changes to previous 
package 3.4.4:

Terminal features
   * Fixed width handling when selecting a non-text font (~#777).
   * Auto-narrowing: glyph double-width detection for double-letter 
characters (like Dz, #777).
   * Support fractional percentage for progress detection (#1074).
   * Tweaked availability of DEC Cyrillic character set (VT520, xterm 363).

Keyboard handling
   * Changed Ctrl+Backarrow to send Backspace (#1082, #449, xterm).
   * Applying modifyOtherKeys mode 2 more consistently to special keys 

   * Tool `mintheme` works from WSL and in `screen` (mintty/wsltty#268).
   * Support home or environment variable prefix for setting 
SaveFilename (~#1086).
   * New settings -P/--pcon/ConPTY to enable/disable ConPTY support 
   * Support for theme file conversion on filename drag-and-drop (#1079).
   * Support for theme file conversion on "file:" URL drag-and-drop 
   * Support for ".json" theme file conversion (~~#1079).
   * Support style Emojis=zoom.
   * OSC 7750 for dynamic change of emojis style.

The homepage is at http://mintty.github.io/
It also links to the issue tracker.


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