Updated: mintty 3.4.4

Thomas Wolff towo@towo.net
Sun Dec 20 22:05:38 GMT 2020

I have uploaded mintty 3.4.4 with the following changes:

Unicode and Emoji data
   * Update to Emoji data version 13.1.

Terminal features
   * Terminal reset clears progress bar (mintty/wsltty#202).
   * DECTST colour fillings (CSI 4;10..13 y, VT240).
   * Smart detection of progress indication also inmidst line 
   * Fixed rendering of 0x7F (DEL code) in some 96-characters NRCS modes.
   * Support for 48-bit hex colour specs (#1072).

Font rendering
   * Enabled width detection for auto-narrowing non-BMP characters (#1065).
   * Tweaked character ranges to consider for auto-narrowing (#1065).
   * Enabled secondary font specification for Unicode blocks (#777).

Keyboard handling
   * Compose key may also be user-defined super or hyper (#777).

Window handling
   * Optionally transform Exit to characters, to exit on 
application-level (#1063).
   * Options dialog: configurable font and size (~#1059).
   * Tweak initial setup of terminal pixel size (#1071).

   * New option ExitCommands (#1063).
   * New options OptionsFont and OptionsFontHeight (~#1059).
   * Extended syntax for option FontChoice (#777).
   * New ComposeKey values super, hyper (#777).

The homepage is at http://mintty.github.io/
It also links to the issue tracker.


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