Updated: libjpeg-turbo 2.0.6-1 (test)

Lemures Lemniscati lemures.lemniscati@gmail.com
Mon Dec 14 20:06:06 GMT 2020

The following packages have been uploaded to the Cygwin distribution
(as test):

* jpeg-2.0.6-1.tar.xz
* libjpeg-devel-2.0.6-1.tar.xz
* libjpeg8-2.0.6-1.tar.xz
* libturbojpeg-devel-2.0.6-1.tar.xz
* libturbojpeg0-2.0.6-1.tar.xz

* libjpeg-turbo-2.0.6-1-src.tar.xz
* libjpeg-turbo-debuginfo-2.0.6-1.tar.xz

This is an update to the latest stable upstream release.

libjpeg-turbo is a derivative of libjpeg that uses SIMD instructions (MMX, 
SSE2, NEON) to accelerate baseline JPEG compression and decompression on 
x86, x86-64, and ARM systems.  On such systems, libjpeg-turbo is generally 
2-4x as fast as the unmodified version of libjpeg, all else being equal.

HomePage: https://libjpeg-turbo.org/
News: https://github.com/libjpeg-turbo/libjpeg-turbo/releases/tag/2.0.6
Source: https://github.com/libjpeg-turbo/libjpeg-turbo/tree/2.0.6
  The IJG (Independent JPEG Group) License
  The Modified (3-clause) BSD License
  The zlib License

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Lemures Lemniscati

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