Updated: mintty 3.0.3

Thomas Wolff towo@towo.net
Thu Sep 26 18:07:00 GMT 2019

I have uploaded mintty 3.0.3 with the following changes:

Terminal features
   * Maintain scrollback buffer in left/right margin mode with default 
margins (#916).
   * Do not put cleared lines into scrollback buffer.
   * Fixed display of subsequent identical emojis (since 3.0.1).
   * Mouse buttons 4 and 5 send the same escape sequences as xterm.
   * Disabled unreliable CSI DECLL to switch keyboard LEDs (#915).
   * DECAUPSS to assign user-preferred supplemental sets to DECSUPP.
   * Ignore SOS string (ESC X ...), in addition to PM and APC (xterm).
   * Fixed iconified window report which was reverted (#893).
   * Prevent negative CSI 13 t response parameters (#899).
   * Fixed interaction of OSC 12/112 "Set/Reset cursor colour" with IME 
   * Fixed text area size reported in response to CSI 14 t (#899).

Font rendering
   * Reimplement auto-narrowing (too wide glyphs) by coordinate scaling 
   * Support alternative font choice for symbols and pictographs (#892).
   * Option to adjust automatic character narrowing (#892).
   * Bloom effect around characters of old CRT terminals, rough simulation.

Window handling
   * Virtual Tabs support on title bar (#699).
   * Flexible configuration of scroll modifiers (~#894).
   * User-definable functions for scrollback scrolling (~#894).
   * Fixed sixel image list handling (#905).
   * Optimized sixel image rendering if overlapped (#905).
   * Dark colour theme support in scrollbar (mintty/wsltty#157).
   * Clear resizing popup after leaving fullscreen and moving (#913).

   * Cache emoji image data (speedup emoji display).
   * Dropped PATH dependency of printer feature (#897).
   * Dropped float: left from copied HTML style (#900).
   * Fixed Windows handle resource leak when displaying many emojis 
   * Fixed potential crash on sixel display after resource leak.
   * Preventing Windows handle resource exhaustion when displaying many 
sixel images.
   * Fixed potential crash when confirming exit (#907).

   * Option Bloom.
   * Option KeyFunctions can assign scrollback scrolling keys (~#894).
   * Option CharNarrowing (#892).
   * Options dialog supports setting Emojis and EmojiPlacement.
   * Options dialog: additional "Selection" panel with additional settings.
   * Option OldOptions to customize changed areas in Options dialog.
   * Options -Rp and -RP to report process IDs (#909).

The homepage is at http://mintty.github.io/
It also links to the issue tracker.


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