dnsperf 2.3.2-1

Yaakov Selkowitz yselkowitz@cygwin.com
Tue Aug 27 22:21:00 GMT 2019

The following packages have been uploaded to the Cygwin distribution:

* dnsperf-2.3.2-1
* dnsperf-data-2012.02-1

DNSPerf and ResPerf are free tools developed by Nominum that make it simple 
to gather accurate latency and throughput metrics for DNS. These tools are 
easy-to-use and simulate typical Internet so network operators can 
benchmark their naming and addressing infrastructure and plan for upgrades.

This is an update to the latest release from a new upstream, built with 
today's bind 9.11.9 release.  The data file, which changes infrequently, is 
now packaged separately to allow for faster updates of the main package.


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