Updated: mintty 2.8.0

Thomas Wolff towo@towo.net
Sun Oct 22 22:13:00 GMT 2017

I have uploaded mintty 2.8.0 with the following changes.
This release features 3 major enhancements:
   * Virtual Tabs feature set, including a session switcher and launcher
   * filled gaps in DEC terminal support up to VT300 series level
   * simplified WSL integration


Window and session control
   * Virtual Tabs (#8, #600).
   * Options SessionCommands, SessionGeomSync, Menu*.

   * New option BellFlashStyle (#676) and more moderate default flash style.
   * Option -l / --log implies Logging=yes.
   * `mintheme` command-line theme switcher (#685).
   * Preventing @cjknarrow locale modifier for WSL (#686).
   * Fixed Alt+F2 in same dir (with OSC 701) not to expand symbolic links.
   * Options HighlightBackgroundColour and HighlightForegroundColour.

WSL support
   * Option --WSL= to run WSL session (mintty/wsltty#52, 
mintty/wsltty#59, ~mintty/wsltty#60).
   * Option -~ to start in user's home directory (~mintty/wsltty#3).
   * Update availability check for wsltty build refers to wsltty version 
   * Fixed rootfs handling in pathname conversion (mintty/wsltty#19).

Terminal control sequences
   * Fixed status string DECRQSS (#689, #690, mintty/wsltty#55, 
   * DEC Locator mouse mode (facilitating pixel-based position).
   * DECRQM request mode (to reach VT300 conformance level).
   * Save/Restore DEC Private Mode (DECSET) values (#267).
   * DECSTR soft terminal reset.
   * DSR DEC variant (cursor/printer status).
   * REP: repeat preceding character.
   * OSC 50: set/query font.
   * OSC 17/19/117/119: set/reset selection highlight colours.

Character display
   * Tweaked width expansion of ambiguous-width characters (#680, ~#638, 
   * Fixed notes on ambiguous-width handling with Locale parameter (~#686).
   * Legacy character set support: NRC, DEC Supplemental, GR invocation.
   * Fixed NRC single shift with attributes.
   * DEC Tech: tweaked √/Σ segments (hand-drawn), fixed double-size 
   * Fraktur font support (ANSI character attribute 20).

   * Workaround for broken AltGr of Windows on-screen keyboard (#692).

Localization meanwhile available for (in alphabetical order of locale ids):
   * German, English (UK/US), Spanish, French, Japanese, Russian, Chinese.

The homepage is at http://mintty.github.io/
It also links to the issue tracker.


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