cygport 0.25.0-1

Yaakov Selkowitz
Fri Nov 3 19:11:00 GMT 2017

The following packages have been uploaded to the Cygwin distribution:

* cygport-0.25.0-1

cygport is the standard method for building and maintaining packages for 
the Cygwin distribution.

This release adds 'package-test' and 'stage' commands, and cygclasses for 
Meson and Ninja build systems, along with various bugfixes.

Achim Gratz (2):
      perl: fix SUMMARY nomenclature
      src_prep: report patch level used

Andrew Schulman (1):
      check that Cygwin patchfile exists before asking to sign it

Ken Brown (1):
      Honor the PKG_CONTENTS variable if it is set, even if it is empty

Yaakov Selkowitz (17):
      prepstrip: skip executables containing Neko bytecode
      python-wheel: use setuptools.launch
      kde4: update kde-l10n handling for 17.04
      kde4: handle splitup of calligra-l10n
      perl: add CPAN_VERSION
      ninja: new cygclass for packages building with ninja
      meson: new cygclass for building with Meson on top of Ninja
      pkg_pkg: ignore changes under host triplet directory
      Add stage command for uploading without marking !ready
      ninja: rename ninja_compile to cygninja
      postinst: add latest Qt license filenames to prepdoc
      qt5-qmake: do not use qmake -recursive
      Add package-test command for marking test releases
      bash-completion: add stage and package-test commands
      list_deps: always use system cygcheck
      Update gnuconfig
      Bump version to 0.25.0


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