python3 3.6.1-2 (x86 only)

Yaakov Selkowitz
Fri Mar 24 18:25:00 GMT 2017

The following packages have been uploaded to the Cygwin x86 distribution:

* python3-3.6.1-2
* python3-devel-3.6.1-2
* python3-test-3.6.1-2
* python3-tkinter-3.6.1-2
* idle3-3.6.1-2

Python is an interpreted, interactive, object-oriented programming 
language. It incorporates modules, exceptions, dynamic typing, very high 
level dynamic data types, and classes. Python combines remarkable power 
with very clear syntax. It has interfaces to many system calls and 
libraries, as well as to various window systems, and is extensible in C or 
C++. It is also usable as an extension language for applications that need 
a programmable interface.

This release fixes thread allocation issues reported with WoW64 on some 
versions of Windows.  As this only affects 32-bit Cygwin, the 64-bit build
has not been updated.


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