vim 8.0.0244-1

Yaakov Selkowitz
Fri Jan 27 20:45:00 GMT 2017

The following packages have been uploaded to the Cygwin distribution:

* vim-8.0.0244-1
* vim-common-8.0.0244-1
* vim-minimal-8.0.0244-1
* gvim-8.0.0244-1
* xxd-8.0.0244-1
* vim-doc-8.0.0244-1

Vim (Vi IMproved) is an almost compatible version of the UNIX editor vi. 
Almost every possible command can be performed using only ASCII characters. 
Many new features have been added: multilevel undo, command line history, 
file name completion, block operations, and editing of binary data.

This is an update to the upstream patchset from earlier today.


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