Updated: {lcms2/liblcms2_2/liblcms2-devel}-2.8-1: Little color management engine

Dr. Volker Zell lists@volkerzell.de
Tue Jan 3 14:21:00 GMT 2017


New versions of 'lcms2/liblcms2_2/liblcms2-devel' have been uploaded to a server near you.

 o Update to latest upstream release
 o Build for cygwin 2.6.1 with gcc-5.4.0

lcms2 NEWS:
2.8 Featured release

Changed ChangeLog direction
Fixed many typos in comments, thanks to Stefan Weil for doing that.
Fixed localization bug, added a new test case crayons.icc thnaks to Richard Hughes for providing the profile. 
Fixed a bug in optimizer that made some formats (i.e, bits planar) unavailable
Fixed misalignment problems on Alpha. The compiler does not align strings, and accessing begin of string as a uint16 makes code to fail.
Added some extra checks to the tools and examples.
Fix a bug that prevented to read luminance tag
BIG amount of functionality contributed/Sponsored  by Alien Skin Software: TransformStride, copyAlpha, performance plug-ins. Fixes some warnings as well.
added an extra _ to _stdcall to make it more portable
Fixed a bug in transicc for named color profiles
Fixed several compiler warnings
Added support for Visual Studio 2015
Fixed for XCODE project

2.7 Maintenance release

Added a version retrieval function 
Added an option in transicc for working in bounded mode
Fixed wrong handling of extra channels in some formatters.
Added a project for VS2013
Added license for iccjpeg.c
New project for mac
Added a global optimization that merges consecutive matrices in pipelines. Fixes loss of precision in some transforms
Added a flag  to clip negative values in unbounded transforms (only gray, rgb, cmyk)
Move unused var suppresor before the `return` statements.
Remove dead code.
Add missing comma in CGATS parser    
utils/jpgicc/iccjpeg.c: Fix check if unsigned variable 'total_length'
Some maintenance fixes
Remove unused vcproj files
Added a function to retrieve the iohandler of a given profile object
Added a safety check on named color lists
Fixed a macro clash on SNONE. 
Fixed a possible segmentation fault in a non-happy path

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