Updated: mintty 2.2.4

Thomas Wolff towo@towo.net
Fri Mar 18 23:07:00 GMT 2016

I have uploaded mintty 2.2.4 with the following changes:

   * Font setup and configuration improvements.
   * Colour schemes / Theme files.
   * GUI configuration of wav file for terminal beep.
   * Startup error handling improvements.

Font configuration:
   * Mintty adjusts row spacing according to the font metrics, to 
compensate for tight or tall spacing of some fonts (e.g. Consolas, 
FreeMono, Monaco). (The RowSpacing value is added to that.)
   * Adjusting font weight selection to available font weights (#520).
   * New option FontWeight supports more specific font weight selection 
   * Font selection menu has its own Apply button.
   * Fonts with name problems (long names, #507) can be selected with 
the Apply button.
   * Warnings for font not found or not supporting ANSI character set.
   * Excluding fonts with OEM or SYMBOL charset from font selection menu.
   * Excluding vertical fonts from font selection menu.
   * New option ShowHiddenFonts to offer monospace fonts marked to Hide 
in the menu.
   * Unicode-enabled Font setting (so e.g. mintty -o Font=Sütterlin works).

Themes, Configuration, and Options menu:
   * Colour schemes: New option ThemeFile, configuration also in Options 
menu (~#193).
   * Configuration of .wav bell sounds (option BellFile, #369) in 
Options menu.
   * Resource directory $HOME/.mintty for theme and bell files.
   * Fixed -o settings to also be saved when changed in Options menu.

Keyboard and mouse features:
   * Workaround for occasional Alt state inconsistencies after window 
focus changes (#519).
   * Compose key on wiki pages: replace AllChars with WinCompose.
   * Opening marked "www." addresses also without "http:" prefix (#345).

Start and error handling:
   * Fixed -C/--loadconfig to not overwrite common options in main 
config file.
   * Fixed format substitution for log file in case of excess % conversions.
   * Report full pathname of log file if creation fails.
   * Improved and fixed format of child creation error messages.
   * Improved reporting failed icon loading with non-ANSI icon filenames.

The homepage is at http://mintty.github.io/
It also links to the issue tracker.


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