Updated: gnuplot-5.0.3-1: A command-line driven interactive function plotting utility

Dr. Volker Zell dr.volker.zell@oracle.com
Thu Jun 30 09:26:00 GMT 2016


A new version of 'gnuplot' has been uploaded to a server near you.

 o Update to latest upstream release.
 o Build for cygwin 2.5.2 with gcc-5.4.0
 o TeX/LateX related files excluded, they are already in the texlive distribution

gnuplot NEWS:
Changes in 5.0.3
* NEW open-ended iteration over data:  plot for [i=1:*] datafile index i
* CHANGE aquaterm support for version 5 custom dashtypes
* CHANGE backport new image bookkeeping from 5.1 to fix bugs #1607 #1703 #1709
* CHANGE qt terminal: toggle plots on/off only on left-click
* CHANGE wholesale upgrade of old tkcanvas terminal (version 3.7 -> version 5.0)
* FIX reevaluate fill color for each polygon in data for "with filledcurves"
* FIX multiple wxt terminal font problems

Changes in 5.0.2
* NEW support "set clip {one|two}" in 3D vector plots (splot ... with vectors)
* CHANGE post.trm treats lt -1 as double width only when drawing the plot border
* CHANGE distinguish between empty string variable and string constant ""
* CHANGE preserve full precision of samples generated by '+' or '++'
* CHANGE dumb terminal now handles UTF-8 characters
* CHANGE "plot for [i=1:n] foo=i, x*foo" generates n plots (comma is ignored)
* CHANGE accept '\r' as a terminator after console prompt (Windows only)
* CHANGE use the same arrowhead style in the key sample as in the plot itself
* CHANGE the command "set tics {front|back}" no longer affects grid lines also
* CHANGE allow "noautoscale" keyword for 2D function plots
* CHANGE "unset mono" clears current terminal setting as well as future behavior
* FIX dashtype labels in 'test' command were off by one
* FIX autocalculation of box widths in the presence of NaN data values
* FIX qt terminals dots were invisible
* FIX point and impulse colors in 3D binary plots
* FIX enable dashtype processing for epslatex terminal
* FIX clean handling of unexpected input commands or data found by fuzz-testing
* FIX many places where corrupt input commands or data could trigger a crash
* FIX aquaterm fill area with transparency
* FIX "offset 0" means "no offset" even in the case of log-scaled axes
* FIX handle formatted read from a datablock
* FIX "pause mouse" for wxt terminal (OSX, other single-threaded platforms)
* FIX 2-column data plots "with filledcurve y=<value>"
* FIX handling outliers in boxplot with categories (i.e. level in column 4)
* FIX inline input format in `splot` command
* FIX order-dependence of optional keywords for "set key" and "set obj polygon"
* FIX lua/tikz text placement errors on OSX 10.10.2 with lua5.3
* FIX B and L formats in gprintf()
* FIX bug parsing time input with format "%s" (extra fractional second)
* FIX incorrect average value in final bin of "smooth cnorm" calculation
* FIX handle log-scale y values when calculating monotonic cubic spline fit
* FIX "set clip points" was non-functional in version 5.0
* FIX regression in 5.0.1 that left extraneous '@' in title columnhead(N)
* FIX vertical placement of text fragments by cairo terminals
* FIX "set [*]axis rangelimited" applies to minor as well as major tics
* FIX qt terminal could drop chars from stdin depending on external event timing
* FIX overlong custom dash pattern could generate a corrupt postscript file

Changes in 5.0.1
* NEW "set mono" (full command "set monochrome {linetype lt <line-properties>})
* NEW "set fit nolog" suppresses output to log file
* NEW sixel terminal supports RGB and palette colors, but only 16 at a time :-(
* NEW command "printerr" acts exactly like "print" but always outputs via stderr
* CHANGE autoconfigure of Qt5 support now looks for --variable=host_bins
* CHANGE reevaluate fill color for each polygon in data for "with filledcurves"
* CHANGE gstrptime(): always check validity of %y %Y %d %B %b input fields
* CHANGE track text properties for key title separately from key entries
* CHANGE "smooth kdensity" now handles logscale y and explicit x range
* CHANGE order of margins in the "set margin" command to left, right, bottom, top
* CHANGE guarantee color of key sample for "lc variable" plots matches 1st point
* CHANGE "set term fig color" can use predefined linetype colors and named colors
* CHANGE skip all preprocessing for input lines beginning with shell escape char
* CHANGE build system to suppress dvi as an automake-generated target
* CHANGE in hidden3d mode, the 'nosurface' suppresses both surface grid directions
* FIX replace palette color value NaN with background color
* FIX improved handling of boxplot data with multiple factors (categories)
* FIX save_textcolor was not handling "tc variable"
* FIX apply numeric locale when reading ascii matrix data
* FIX handling of ascii matrix data
* FIX reinitialize brush used to draw dotted lines in gd terminal
* FIX failure to clear bold/italic text attributes in cairo terminals
* FIX tabular output of time data when the axis format has not been set
* FIX breakage in plot style filledcurves {above|below} y1=<yval> 
* FIX dashtypes after "set term {e}pslatex mono"
* FIX report and enforce maximum number of parallel axes without faulting
* FIX smooth mcsplines for a curve containing multiple y values at a single x
* FIX several bugs evident for log-scaled color axis 
* FIX regression in color support for pbm/sixel/hpgl terminals (no RGB color)
* FIX accummulated round-off error in dotted lines drawn by libgd terminals
* FIX incorrect colorbox axis labels in polar plots
* FIX AquaTerm framework name is case-sensitive
* FIX strip enhanced text markup from plot titles embedded in svg output
* FIX error in retrieving matrix column headers as strings
* FIX error in calculating absolute deviation (stats command)
* FIX allocation error from "set fit covariancevariables"
* FIX tkcanvas terminal handling of blank (default) font family name
* FIX off-by-one-error in color of contours when hidden3d is active
* FIX adjust WIN32 encoding used by text output from "pause" command
* FIX qt terminal 3D rotation mode tendency to get stuck "on"
* FIX dash pattern rendering in contour lines
* FIX 'fit [][min:max] f(x)' was incorrectly ignoring min:max


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