Updated: xpdf-3.04-1: An open source viewer for Portable Document Format (PDF) files

Dr. Volker Zell dr.volker.zell@oracle.com
Tue Jun 28 19:17:00 GMT 2016


A new version of 'xpdf' has been uploaded to a server near you.

 o Update to latest upstream
 o Build for cygwin 2.5.2 with gcc-5.4.0
 o Fixes a relocation error
   see --> https://cygwin.com/ml/cygwin/2016-05/msg00353.html

xpdf NEWS:
New text extractor.
Added the pdftohtml tool.
Added the pdftopng tool.
New trapezoid-based rasterizer core (for performance).
Generate appearance streams for Line, PolyLine, and Polygon
Added the closeWindowOrQuit command, and changed the default binding
  for ctrl-W from closeWindow to closeWindowOrQuit.
Implemented the new AES-256 mode (R=6, Acrobat X).
Add an object cache.
Added a small cache for object streams.
Modify PSOutputDev to use LZW compression instead of RLE, with a
  fallback to RLE if the "psLZW no" setting is given.
Pdfinfo now prints page rotation info.
Modified ImageOutputDev, used by pdfimages, to output the masks and
  soft masks used when drawing images.
Remove non-printable characters from error output, just in case they
  might cause problems for the terminal program.
Added initial support for Code3of9 bar codes in XFA forms.
Added the mapExtTrueTypeFontsViaUnicode xpdfrc command.
Apply stroke adjustment to rectangular images and clipping regions (in
  addition to strokes and fills).
Decode JPEG 2000 images at less than full resolution if the full res
  image isn't needed (i.e., if the raw image is higher resolution than
  the output). 
Implemented knockout groups.
Removed t1lib support.
Added support for images with 16-bit components.
Rewrote the Dict class to use a hash table; as a side effect, this
  handles dictionaries with multiple definitions for a key, which are
  in violation of the spec, but Acrobat appears to handle.
The transformed line width computation -- used to implement the
  minLineWidth setting, and the hairline threshold in monochrome mode --
  was incorrect.
Pdftops was not correctly handling the case where it couldn't find
  a 16-bit font -- this led to crashes and/or invalid PostScript.
A bug in FlateStream::getBlock() was causing problems with narrow
Use the correct _WIN32 define instead of WIN32.
Use copy-on-write for the clip path in SplashState (when doing gsave),
  for performance.
Added a Solaris-specific entry to the ghostscript font search path.
SplashState was initializing line width to 0 instead of 1.
Abort processing on a content stream after getting 500 errors
  (undefined operator, wrong number of args) -- this avoids very long
  processing time for malicious PDF files using bogus RLE encoded
  content streams.
Added the psUseCropBoxAsPage xpdfrc option; "pdftops -pagecrop" now
  sets psUseCropBoxAsPage; "pdftops -pagecrop -paper match" now uses
  the CropBox as the page size.
Re-architected the AcroForm support code into a separate AcroForm
Fixed the handling of overprinting/transparency interaction, using
  the CompatibleOverprint blend mode.
The TIFF predictor code for the 1-bit-per-pixel case was broken.
For triangle and patch mesh shadings (types 4-7) with color functions,
  interpolate the function parameter not the color.
Check the fontFile/fontDir commands before (instead of after) doing
  Base-14 substitution in PS output.
Correctly handle non-embedded TrueType fonts that have an Identity
  ToUnicode mapping (display and PS output were failing).
Added support for XFA form rendering, including an "enableXFA" xpdfrc
Handle PFB Type 1 fonts when generating PostScript output.
Unwind any extraneous saved graphics state at the end of the page
  (before drawing annotations).
Added some integer overflow checks in the GString class.
Handle 16-bit components in JPEG 2000 images.
ActualText spans can end without a valid font, in which case
  TextPage::beginWord was crashing.
The Domain entry in function shadings wasn't being parsed correctly.
Fixed a bug in the JPEG decoder - successive approximation
  (progressive mode) coefficients weren't being handled correctly.
Added a better infinite loop test to the xref parser.
When generating PostScript, merge reused TrueType fonts (if their
  code-to-GID mappings are the same).
Tweak the Gouraud triangle shaded fill code to end the recursive
  splitting if the triangles get sufficiently small.
Do bilinear interpolation when upsampling images.
When skipping extraneous image data from an inline image, look for
  EI<whitespace> instead of just EI.
When writing to stdout on Windows, pdftoppm now sets the file mode to
  binary.  [Thanks to Robert Frunzke.]
Accept strings as well as names for the BaseFont entry in font
Removed the TEXTOUT_WORD_LIST config option (with the new text
  extractor, this is always enabled).
Fixed a bug in the JBIG2 decoder (the TPGD context for template #3 in
  readGenericBitmap was incorrect).
Rewrote the PostScriptFunction code for performance.
Handle 8-bit OpenType CFF fonts that are missing required tables in
  the OpenType wrapper.
Handle tiling patterns with reversed coordinates in their bounding
Added support for 64-bit file offsets, i.e., PDF files larger than
Optimize the code that rasterizes pattern-filled image masks.
Added support for Mac OS X system fonts (Base-14 only).
The backdrop color in luminosity-type soft mask groups was not being
  handled correctly.
Modified behavior of "pdftops -paper match -duplex ..." - it will now
  duplex consecutive same-sized pages.
Tweak the handling of degenerate fills ('moveto lineto fill') to
  match Adobe.
Don't honor the OPM=1 setting with ICCBased CMYK color spaces.
Whole-word searches were treating certain punctuation (Unicode number
  separators and terminators) as part of the word, e.g., searching for
  "foo" would not match "foo,".
Use the TextString class everywhere it makes sense.
Removed the unnecessary segment sort in Splash (performance
Handle hyperlinks that use Widget-type annotations.
Fix up the integer overflow checks to avoid issues with clever
  compilers.  [Thanks to Nickolai Zeldovich.]
Correctly handle streams with missing Length entries in damaged PDF
Added a compile-time option (LOAD_FONTS_FROM_MEM) to load fonts from
  memory rather than temporary files on disk.
Added the psRasterSliceSize xpdfrc option.
Fixed a case in the JPEG 2000 arithmetic decoder where extra data is
  present in packet i, and needs to be saved for use in packet i+1.
Fixed a bug in the JPEG 2000 decoder related to images with fewer than
  8 bits per component.
Handle the case in PSOutputDev where slice size overflows a 32-bit
Add (partial) support for TrueType cmap format 2.
Always pass FT_LOAD_NO_BITMAP to FreeType -- bitmaps apparently fail
  with rotated characters.
Support fonts specified in ExtGState dictionaries.
Annotations with empty Border arrays should not draw a border.
Fix the CMap parser to handle large CID ranges.
Check for Type 3 CharProcs that call q or Q before the d0/d1 operator,
  and treat them as uncacheable.
Invert the selection color when starting in reverse video mode.
Device{Gray,RGB,CMYK} cannot be mapped via a resource dict.
Changed the PS output for masked images (explicit and color key
  masking): use a plain old clip path instead of rectclip to avoid
  array overflows.
Check the StemSnapH/V arrays when converting Type 1C fonts to Type 1 -
  if there are any duplicate or out-of-order values, skip that
  StemSnapH/V array.
Added the psMinLineWidth xpdfrc setting.
Fix an obscure issue in converting TrueType fonts to Type 42, related
  to empty glyph descriptions (12 zero bytes).
Pdftops now reports an error if there were any I/O errors writing to
  the PS output file.
Fix vertical text (CJK fonts) in PS output -- offset the character
  origin correctly.
Increased the number of digits used by pdfimages for the image number
  from three to four.
Handle right-to-left (e.g., Arabic) ligatures correctly in the text
Added the -loc and -locPS options to pdffonts.
Extend the object parser recursion limit to cover Stream::addFilters()
  / Stream::makeFilters() - to avoid another possibility of stack
Disable FreeType autohinting, because it can fail badly with font
  subsets that use invalid glyph names -- except in the case of Type 1
  fonts, which look much better with light autohinting.
Modified the rasterizer pipeline functions to process a scan line at a
  time (for performance).
Removed VMS build support (it hasn't been updated in ages).
Removed pdftotext's '-htmlmeta' option (use pdftohtml instead).
PSOutputDev's font/form setup code, and pdffonts, were not scanning
  soft mask groups in ExtGState dictionaries.
Invalid DCT input (e.g., from a damaged PDF file) could overflow the
  dctClip array.
When upsampling an image mask or image with a large resulting image
  size, do it in stream mode instead of prescaling the whole image
  (to avoid running out of memory).
Added infinite loop detection to pdffonts.


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