Updated: audiofile-0.3.6-2

Yaakov Selkowitz yselkowitz@cygwin.com
Thu Oct 29 16:13:00 GMT 2015

The following packages have been updated in the Cygwin distribution:

* audiofile-0.3.6-2
* libaudiofile1-0.3.6-2
* libaudiofile-devel-0.3.6-2

The Audio File Library provides a uniform programming interface to
standard digital audio file formats. This library allows the processing
of audio data to and from audio files of many common formats (currently
AIFF, AIFF-C, WAVE, NeXT/Sun .snd/.au, IRCAM, AVR, Amiga IFF/8SVX, and
NIST SPHERE). The library also supports compression (currently G.711
mu-law and A-law and IMA and MS ADPCM) as well as PCM formats of all
flavors (signed and unsigned integer, single- and double-precision
floating point).

This release includes a patch for CVE-2015-7747:


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