Updated: cabextract-1.6-1

Kyzer stuart.caie@gmail.com
Wed Mar 25 23:29:00 GMT 2015

Version1.6-1 of "cabextract" has been uploaded.

cabextract is a utility for extracting Microsoft Cabinet (.CAB) files

This update fixes a number of security bugs:

* CVE-2014-9556: A CAB file with invalid file offset or length (where
offset + length == 2^32) causes an infinite loop in the Quantum
decoder on 32-bit architectures. [Debian bugs #772891, #773041]
* CVE-2015-2060: A CAB file with overlong UTF-8 encodings for "/" can
get its files extracted to an absolute path instead of the current
directory. [Debian bug #778753]
* On Cygwin, a CAB file using both "/" and "\" can evade checks for
absolute files and "../" directory traversals and can get its files
extracted to any path.
* A CAB file with two folders, the second folder invalid, and a file
decompression order of folder 1, 2, 1, causes execution to jump to
NULL. [Debian bugs #773659, #774665]
* A CAB file with MSZIP-compressed data and a distance code of 30
causes a 1 byte over-read [Debian bug #775498]
* A CAB file with zero-length filenames causes a 1 byte over-read.
* A CAB file with invalid UTF-8 encoded filenames causes over-read of
up to 5 bytes.
* A CAB file with LZX-compressed data ending early during an odd-sized
uncompressed block can cause a 1-byte under-read. [Debian bug #775499]


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