Updated: maxima-5.35.1-2

Achim Gratz Stromeko@nexgo.de
Sun Mar 15 21:34:00 GMT 2015

This is a re-build with the new CLisp 2.49+ and a fix of some packaging

Maxima - Computer Algebra System

Maxima is a system for the manipulation of symbolic and numerical
expressions, including differentiation, integration, Taylor series,
Laplace transforms, ordinary differential equations, systems of linear
equations, polynomials, sets, lists, vectors, matrices and
tensors. Maxima yields high precision numerical results by using exact
fractions, arbitrary-precision integers and variable-precision
floating-point numbers. Maxima can plot functions and data in two and
three dimensions.

Maxima is written in CommonLisp and based on the DOE Macsyma that was
developed at MIT.


The installation has been split into several packages:

maxima            - common components and documentation, execution on interpreted clisp
maxima-exec-clisp - a pre-loaded clisp based executable
maxima-lang-*     - localization for several languages
maxima-xmaxima    - a Tcl/Tk based GUI

You will want to install maxima-exec-clisp in most cases and
additionally perhaps one of the localization packs and/or the GUI.

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