Updated: octave forge packages

Marco Atzeri marco.atzeri@gmail.com
Sun Jun 21 07:37:00 GMT 2015

New versions of

octave-bim                              1.1.5-1
octave-cgi                              0.1.0r12663-1
octave-communications                   1.2.1-1
octave-control                          2.8.2-1
octave-data-smoothing                   1.3.0-2
octave-database                         2.3.2-1
octave-dataframe                        1.1.0r244-1
octave-devel                            4.0.0-1
octave-divand                           1.1.2-2
octave-doc                              4.0.0-1
octave-econometrics                     1.1.1-2
octave-financial                        0.4.0r148-1
octave-fl-core                          1.0.0r7-2
octave-fpl                              1.3.4r12354-2
octave-fuzzy-logic-toolkit              0.4.5-2
octave-ga                               0.10.0r147-2
octave-general                          2.0.0-1
octave-generate_html                    0.1.8-1
octave-geometry                         2.0.0-1
octave-image                            2.4.0-1
octave-instrument-control               0.2.1r68-1
octave-integration                      1.0.7r28-2
octave-interval                         1.0.0-1
octave-io                               2.2.7r879-1
octave-level-set                        0.3.0r189-1
octave-linear-algebra                   2.2.2-1
octave-lssa                             0.1.2r11495-2
octave-ltfat                            2.1.0-1
octave-mechanics                        1.3.1r89-2
octave-miscellaneous                    1.2.1-2
octave-mpi                              1.2.0r43-1
octave-msh                              1.0.10-2
octave-mvn                              1.1.0-2
octave-nan                              2.7.6r12813-1
octave-ncarray                          1.0.3-1
octave-netcdf                           1.0.7-1
octave-nurbs                            1.3.10r12827-1
octave-ocs                              0.1.3r12205-2
octave-octclip                          1.0.3a-1
octave-octproj                          1.1.2a-1
octave-odepkg                           0.8.5-1
octave-optics                           0.1.3-1
octave-optim                            1.4.1-1
octave-optiminterp                      0.3.4-2
octave-parallel                         2.2.1-1
octave-quaternion                       2.4.0-1
octave-queueing                         1.2.3-2
octave-secs1d                           0.1.0r12690-1
octave-secs2d                           0.0.9r12205a-1
octave-secs3d                           0.0.1r11495-2
octave-signal                           1.3.2-1
octave-sockets                          1.2.0-1
octave-specfun                          1.1.0r153-1
octave-splines                          1.2.8-1
octave-statistics                       1.2.4-1
octave-strings                          1.2.0-1
octave-struct                           1.0.11-1
octave-tsa                              4.2.9-1
octave-vrml                             1.0.13r146-2

are available in the Cygwin distribution:

Obsoleted:   octave-octcdf

On cygwin none of the forge packages is autoloaded,
as some package could change substantially
the normal octave behaviour (eg "nan").

To load any package before usage run
  "pkg load <package_name>"

see "help pkg" for details.

Latest upstream packages repackaged/rebuilt for octave 4.0.x

The octave-forge project contains contributed functions
for GNU Octave which are not in the main distribution.


Full documentation and FAQ are available at:

Marco Atzeri


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