Release: mintty 2.0.1

Thomas Wolff
Fri Jul 3 22:24:00 GMT 2015

After closing half of the open issues, I thought it’s a good time to 
release mintty.
I’ve bumped the major version number to 2 to reflect the change of 
repository and maintainer and somehow catch up with cygwin...

Major new features and fixes are listed below. See also the changelog in 
the Wiki
For new options, there is no GUI configuration facility yet ("Hidden 
settings"). Please ask for them if desired.

The homepage is at
It also links to the issue tracker.

Major new features and fixes

   * Fixed bold display by overstriking if BoldAsFont unset.
   * Implemented and enabled character attribute italic (#418, #152).
   * Implemented character attribute strikeout; disabled due to missing bit.
   * True Colour support (#431) (using ESC [ 38;2;r;g;b m).

   * Alt-F2 creates new window of same size as current one (#275).
   * Option -T to set unchangeable window title (#385).

   * Option DeleteSendsDEL and associated switching sequence CSI ? 1037 
h/l to switch keypad Del key sending DEL or Remove (#406).
   * Options Break and Pause to configure mappings for these keys (#399).

Other Options:
   * Configuration option WordCharsExcl to exclude characters from word 
selection (#450).
   * Added configuration options BellType, BellFreq, BellLen (~ #369).
   * Option HideMouse=false disables mouse cursor hiding on keyboard 
input (#403).
   * Option MiddleClickAction=void disables mouse-middle-click pasting 
   * Option to simulate Enter/Return with mouse-click (#425).
   * Documented RowSpacing/ColSpacing; tweaked to distribute padding evenly.


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