New package: tinyxml2-2.1.0

David Stacey
Wed Oct 1 19:12:00 GMT 2014

Version 2.1.0-1 of tinyxml2 has been uploaded. On Cygwin, tinyxml2 will
be a pre-requisite for future builds of cppcheck.


TinyXML-2 is a simple, small, efficient, C++ XML parser that can be
easily integrated into other programs. It uses a Document Object Model
(DOM), meaning the XML data is parsed into a C++ objects that can be
browsed and manipulated, and then written to disk or another output

TinyXML-2 doesn't parse or use DTDs (Document Type Definitions) nor
XSLs (eXtensible Stylesheet Language).

TinyXML-2 uses a similar API to TinyXML-1, But the implementation of
the parser was completely re-written to make it more appropriate for
use in a game. It uses less memory, is faster, and uses far fewer
memory allocations.




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