Updated: poco-1.4.7-1

David Stacey drstacey@tiscali.co.uk
Fri Nov 21 22:26:00 GMT 2014

The following packages have been updated:

   - poco-1.4.7-1
   - libpoco-devel-1.4.7-1
   - libpoco-doc-1.4.7-1
   - libpoco17-1.4.7-1
   - poco-debuginfo-1.4.7-1


Poco is a collection of modern, powerful open source C++ class
libraries and frameworks for building network- and internet-based
applications that run on desktop, server, mobile and embedded systems.
They simplify and accelerate the development of network-centric,
portable applications in C++.



Release 1.4.7 (2014-10-06)

- fixed GH #398: PropertyFileConfiguration: input != output
- fixed GH #368: Build failure of Poco 1.4.6p2 on FreeBSD 9.2
- fixed GH #318: Logger local time doesn't automatically account for DST
- fixed GH #317: Poco::Zip does not support newer Zip file versions.
- fixed GH #454: Fix: handle unhandled exceptions
- fixed GH #463: XML does not compile with XML_UNICODE_WCHAR_T
- fixed GH #282: Using Thread in a global can cause crash on Windows
- fixed GH #424: Poco::Timer deadlock
- fixed GH #465: Fix result enum type XML_Error -> XML_Status
- fixed GH #510: Incorrect RSAKey construction from istream
- fixed GH #332: POCO::ConsoleChannnel::initColors() assigns no color
   to PRIO_TRACE and wrong color to PRIO_FATAL
- fixed GH #550: WebSocket fragmented message problem
- Poco::Data::MySQL: added SQLite thread cleanup handler
- Poco::Net::X509Certificate: improved and fixed domain name
   verification for  wildcard domains
- fixed a crash in Foundation testsuite with Visual C++ 2012
- improved and fixed domain name verification for wildcard domains in
- updated TwitterClient sample to use new 1.1 API and OAuth
- added Poco::Clock class, which uses a system-provided monotonic clock
   (if available) and is thus not affected by system realtime clock
   changes. Monotonic Clock is available on Windows, Linux, OS X and on
   POSIX platforms supporting clock_gettime() and
- Poco::Timer, Poco::Stopwatch, Poco::TimedNotificationQueue and
   Poco::Util::Timer have been changed to use Poco::Clock instead of
   Poco::Timestamp and are now unaffected by system realtime clock
- added Poco::PBKDF2Engine class template
- Poco::Net::HTTPCookie: added support for Priority attribute (backport
   from develop)
- fixed makedepend.* scripts to work in paths containing '.o*'
   (contributed by Per-Erik Bjorkstad, Hakan Bengtsen)
- Upgraded bundled SQLite to 3.8.6
- Support for Windows Embedded Compact 2013 (Visual Studio 2012)
- Project and solution files for Visual Studio 2013
- Changes for C++11 compatibility.
- fixed an issue with receiving empty web socket frames (such as ping)
- improved error handling in secure socket classes
- Poco::ByteOrder now uses intrinsics if available
- added new text encoding classes: Latin2Encoding, Windows1250Encoding,
- Zip: Added CM_AUTO, which automatically selects CM_STORE or
   CM_DEFLATE based on file extension.  Used to avoid double-compression
   of already compressed file formats such as images.





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