Updated: cygport-0.15.0-1

Yaakov (Cygwin/X) yselkowitz@users.sourceforge.net
Sun Mar 9 13:47:00 GMT 2014

I have just released cygport-0.15.0 for the Cygwin distributions and the
Fedora Cygwin repository.  Notable changes in this release include:

* Greatly improved speed of debuginfo extraction.

* $host-pkg-config is required when cross-compiling (packages have been 
added to the distro for the cross-cygwin and mingw64 toolchains).

* qt*.cygclass have been modified to allow for parallel installation of 
multiple versions of cross-qt packages.

* New dofontconf and newfontconf functions in font.cygclass for 
installing fontconfig configuration files.

* Various bugfixes.

Changes in this release (20):
       gst-plugins: Fix winsock2.h detection for MinGW
       Update gitweb URLs for SF.net upgrade
       toolchain: define TOOLCHAIN_PREFIX etc.
       autotools: fix diff exceptions with NO_LIBTOOLIZE
       autotools: enable static libs on MinGW hosts
       cross: use $host-pkg-config when compiling
       qt4, qt5: allow for parallel installations when cross-compiling
       gnome2, mate: use existing automake branch by default
       kde4: fix KDE4_INCLUDE_DIR for cross-compiling
       postinst: create relevant postinstall commands for cross-compile 
       qt3, qt4, qt5: do not export QMAKESPEC
       qt4-qmake, qt5-qmake: use builtin qmake configuration
       list_deps: detect cross-compiler standard library dependencies
       prepstrip: speed up debuginfo strip
       prepstrip: avoid low ImageBase false alarm with GCC LTO plugin
       qt4: define QT4_UIC3 and QT4_LRELEASE
       qt5: define QT5_LRELEASE
       font: add dofontconf/newfontconf
       toolchain: fix duplicate slash in TOOLCHAIN_PREFIX
       cygport 0.15.0




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