New: graphviz-2.36.0-2

Yaakov Selkowitz
Fri Aug 29 04:18:00 GMT 2014

The following packages have been added to the Cygwin distribution:

* graphviz-2.36.0-2
* graphviz-demo-2.36.0-2
* gvedit-2.36.0-2
* libcdt5-2.36.0-2
* libcgraph6-2.36.0-2
* libgvc6-2.36.0-2
* libgvpr2-2.36.0-2
* libpathplan4-2.36.0-2
* libxdot2-2.36.0-2
* libgvc-devel-2.36.0-2
* lua-gv-2.36.0-2
* ocaml-gv-2.36.0-2
* perl-gv-2.36.0-2
* php-gv-2.36.0-2
* python-gv-2.36.0-2
* ruby-gv-2.36.0-2
* tcl-tcldot-2.36.0-2

The Graphviz layout programs take descriptions of graphs in a simple 
text language, and make diagrams in several useful formats such as 
images and SVG for web pages, Postscript for inclusion in PDF or other 
documents; or display in an interactive graph browser.


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