New package: onc-rpc-devel-2.19_20140211-1

Pavel Fedin
Sat Aug 16 08:49:00 GMT 2014

Version 2.19_20140211-1 of "onc-rpc-devel" has been uploaded.

 This  package  is  necessary  for building applications using Sun (now
ONC)  RPC protocol. It contains headers for some standard RPC services
(like  NFS)  and  rpcgen  utility  needed to generate such headers for
custom  services,  thus  obsoleting  rpcgen  package  which  was never
included in x86-64 Cygwin.
 This  package  is currently available only for x84-64 in order not to
break  dependencies  of  existing 32-bit NFSv2 server. A work on other
components of NFS stack is in (slow) progress.
 i386  version  will  be available when the whole NFS stack is updated
and ported to TI-RPC.


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