Updated: gawk-4.1.1-1

Corinna Vinschen corinna-cygwin@cygwin.com
Wed Apr 9 19:42:00 GMT 2014

I've updated the gawk package to 4.1.1-1.

This is a new upstream release.

Changes from 4.1.0 to 4.1.1

1. The "stat" extension now includes a "devbsize" element which indicates
   the units for the "nblocks" element.

2. The extension facility now works on MinGW. Many of the extensions can be
   built and used directly.

3. A number of bugs in the pretty-printing / profiling code have been fixed.

4. Sockets and two-way pipes now work under MinGW.

5. The debugger now lists source code correctly under Cygwin.

6. Configuration and building with the Mac OS X libreadline should work now.

7. The -O option now works again.

8. The --include option, documented since 4.0, now actually works.

9. Infrastructure updated to automake 1.13.4, bison 3.0.2, and

10. The configure script now accepts a --disable-extensions option,
    which disables checking for and building the extensions.

11. The VMS port has been considerably improved. In particular config.h
    is now generated by a DCL script. Also, the extension facility works
    and several of the extensions can be built and used. Currently, the
    extension facility only works on Alpha and Itanium.

12. The API now provides functions pointers for malloc(), calloc(),
    realloc() and free(), to insure that the same memory allocation
    functions are always used. This bumps the minor version by one.

13. The printf quote flag now works correctly in locales with a different
    decimal point character but without a thousands separator character.
    If the thousands separator is a string, it will be correctly added
    to decimal numbers.

14. The readfile extension now has an input parser that will read whole
    files as a single record.

15. A number of bugs have been fixed. See the ChangeLog.

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