Updated: cygport-0.14.0-1

Yaakov (Cygwin/X) yselkowitz@users.sourceforge.net
Thu Sep 12 00:27:00 GMT 2013

I have just released cygport-0.14.0 for the Cygwin distributions and the
Fedora Cygwin repository.  Notable changes in this release include:

* Creates .tar.xz packages (adds a runtime dep on xz).

* Per request, generated packages are now placed solely under the 
NAME-VERSION-RELEASE/dist/ hierarchy, and no longer in the "top" directory.

* Consequently, the 'all' command no longer includes 'finish' (now aka 
'clean'), as no packages would be left as a result, and 'almostall' is 
deprecated, as it is now identical to 'all'.

* The setup.hint skip: tag is used for source-only packages when 
autogenerating setup.hint files.

* qt3 and qt4 link libraries are (as of today's releases) now in 
/usr/lib instead of /usr/lib/qt[N]/lib; this release reflects and 
requires those changes.

* New qt5 and qt5-qmake cygclasses for Qt5 packages.

Changes in this release (23):
       postinst: update gtk2 immodules handling
       qt5, qt5-qmake: new cygclasses for Qt5-dependent packages
       qt5-qmake: remove .la files during install
       qt5-qmake: accept arguments to qt5_qmake_install
       pkg_diff: ignore .gitignore in diffs
       xvfb: fix gamin location
       qt4: update QT4_LIBDIR
       prepstrip: use file(1) to identify .Net assemblies
       autotools: always specify --libdir
       qt3-qmake: handle spaces in arguments to cygqmake3
       qt4-qmake: handle spaces in arguments to cygqmake4
       qt5-qmake: handle spaces in arguments to cygqmake5
       qt4-qmake: adapt to new QT4_LIBDIR
       Create xz-compressed packages
       qt3: update QT3_LIBDIR
       mirrors: update mirror_qt
       pkg_pkg: create package tarballs directly in distdir
       Do not include 'finish' in the 'all' command
       Add 'clean' command as alias for 'finish'
       pkg_pkg: use skip tag for source-only setup.hint
       autotools: update supported versions of WANT_AUTOMAKE through 1.14
       Add missing xz dep
       cygport 0.14.0




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