Updated: cygcheck-dep-1.1-1

Mikhail Usenko mikeus@nm.ru
Thu Nov 14 22:32:00 GMT 2013

Subject: Updated - cygcheck-dep-1.1-1

Version 1.1-1 of cygcheck-dep has been uploaded.

cygcheck-dep is a bash script helping to show dependencies for installed
Cygwin packages. When you try some Cygwin's software you are installing and/or
uninstalling some packages along the line, and the script can be useful if you
are going to keep your Cygwin's setup clean of unused package dependencies.

Changelog since version 1.0-1:
  * A warning is printed out if there are installed packages
    not from the standard Cygwin distribution (e.g. from Cygwin ports).
    These packages are being marked out during the output.
  * A warning is printed out if an installed package denotes a required
    package which is not installed.
  * Packages in groups are printed out for now sorted by name.
  * Postinstall and preremove commands for clearing cygcheck-dep's cache.



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