New package: perl-Text-CSV-1.21-1

David Stacey
Mon May 27 19:45:00 GMT 2013

Version 1.21-1 of perl-Text-CSV has been uploaded.


Text::CSV provides facilities for the composition and decomposition of
comma-separated values using Text::CSV_XS or its pure Perl version.

An instance of the Text::CSV class can combine fields into a CSV string
and parse a CSV string into fields.

The module accepts either strings or files as input and can utilize any
user-specified characters as delimiters, separators, and escapes so it
is perhaps better called ASV (anything separated values) rather than
just CSV.


1.21  Mon Dec 27 12:35:35 2010
	- updated the compatibility for Text::CSV_XS version 0.80
	    * added getline_all() and getaline_hr_all()
	    * added missing test file




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