Updated: automake1.7-1.7.9-11

Charles Wilson cygwin@cwilson.fastmail.fm
Mon Aug 12 23:39:00 GMT 2013

Automake is a tool for automatically generating `Makefile.in' files
compliant with the GNU Coding Standards.  This is routine packaging
update for automake-1.7, and contains the latest version of the
automake 1.7 series, automake-1.7.9.

This cygwin package, automake1.7, can be installed without conflict
alongside the existing automake1.14 ... automake1.8, automake1.6 ...
automake1.4 cygwin packages.

* Rely on cygport to autogenerate setup.hints
* Update config.sub/config.guess to latest standard (supports
* Use 'alternatives' only for documentation; rely on wrapper
  to handle the tools themselves.
* First cygwin64 release

Testsuite results
cyg32| 36 of 460 tests failed
cyg32| (4 tests were not run)
cyg64| 36 of 460 tests failed
cyg64| (4 tests were not run)

Testsuite Details:
both| FAIL: compile_f_c_cxx.test
both| FAIL: flibs.test
            Looks like a bug in the test. It expects a copy of
            config.guess/config.sub in the testing directory, but
            never copies it there nor runs automake with --add-missing.

both| FAIL: instsh.test
both| FAIL: warnopts.test
            All of these appear to be due to a warning issued by new
            perl when parsing Wrap.pm: "Useless use of /d modifier in
            transliteration operator at .../lib/Automake/Wrap.pm line 60."
            This messes up the expected stderr output.

both| FAIL: depcomp4.test
both| FAIL: ldadd.test
both| FAIL: ldflags.test
both| FAIL: libobj13.test
both| FAIL: libtool.test
both| FAIL: libtool2.test
both| FAIL: libtool3.test
both| FAIL: libtool5.test
both| FAIL: libtool6.test
both| FAIL: listval.test
both| FAIL: ltcond.test
both| FAIL: ltcond2.test
both| FAIL: ltconv.test
both| FAIL: ltdeps.test
both| FAIL: ltlibobjs.test
both| FAIL: nobase.test
both| FAIL: pr72.test
both| FAIL: pr211.test
both| FAIL: pr300-ltlib.test
both| FAIL: pr307.test
both| FAIL: reqd2.test
both| FAIL: stdlib2.test
both| FAIL: subobj9.test
both| FAIL: suffix2.test
both| FAIL: suffix5.test
both| FAIL: suffix8.test
both| FAIL: suffix10.test
            Each of these depend on internal details of (old)
            libtool, but we use a newer version and these tests
            have not been updated to match.

both| FAIL: txinfo3.test
both| FAIL: txinfo13.test
both| FAIL: txinfo16.test
both| FAIL: txinfo18.test
both| FAIL: txinfo22.test
            In each case, texi2dvi reports a failure because
            the *output* .dvi file does not exist.  However,
            whatever the cause of these errors they do not
            represent true regressions because in the previous
            release of am1.7 these tests were skipped.

While technically, these 36 failures are regressions from the
previous am1.7 release:
   0 of 451 tests failed
They all appear to be related to platform updates (perl, libtool,
etc) and do not actually represent regressions in automake itself,
so to speak.

Charles Wilson
volunteer automake maintainer for cygwin


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