Updated: ncdu-1.10-1

Christian Franke Christian.Franke@t-online.de
Wed Aug 7 18:10:00 GMT 2013

Version 1.10-1 of ncdu is now available.


Cygwin NEWS:
- x86_64 package
- debuginfo packages

Upstream NEWS:

- Added 'c' key to display item counts
- Added 'C' key to order by item counts
- Added CACHEDIR.TAG support and --exclude-caches option
- Use locale-dependent thousand separator
- Clip file/dir sizes to 8 EiB minus one byte
- Fix buffer overflow when formatting huge file sizes

- Added option to dump scanned directory information to a file (-o)
- Added option to load scanned directory information from a file (-f)
- Added multiple scan and load interfaces (-0,-1,-2)
- Fit loading and error windows to the terminal width (#13)
- Fix symlink resolving bug (#18)
- Fix path display when scanning an empty directory (#15)
- Fix hang when terminal is resized to a too small size while loading

- Use hash table to speed up hard link detection
- Added read-only option (-r)
- Use KiB instead of kiB (#3399279)

- List the detected hard links in file info window
- Count the size of a hard linked file once for each directory it appears in
- Fixed crash on browsing dirs with a small window size (#2991787)
- Fixed buffer overflow when some directories can't be scanned (#2981704)
- Fixed segfault when launched on a nonexistant directory (#3012787)
- Fixed segfault when root dir only contains hidden files
- Improved browsing performance
- More intuitive multi-page browsing
- Display size graph by default
- Various minor fixes

Christian Franke


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