Updated: ddrescue-1.17-1

Christian Franke Christian.Franke@t-online.de
Tue Aug 6 19:05:00 GMT 2013

Version 1.17-1 of ddrescue is now available (x86 and x86_64).


Upstream NEWS:

Changes in version 1.17:

The new option "-l, --logfile-size" has been added.

The new option "-w, --ignore-write-errors", which makes fill mode ignore
write errors, has been added.

The option "--fill" has been renamed to "--fill-mode".

The option '--generate-logfile' has been renamed to '--generate-mode'.

The option "--sector-size" has been added as a synonym of "--block-size".

The option "--retries" has been added as a synonym of "--max-retries".

The option "--size" has been added as a synonym of "--max-size".

Trimming is now done from both edges of each non-trimmed block. Largest
blocks are trimmed first.

Largest blocks are now split first until logfile reaches
"--logfile-size" entries.

Ddrescue now terminates with an error if an unexpected EOF would discard
any successfully read data, just as it does when the input file
disappears from /dev.

During the copying phase, failed blocks containing one sector are marked
as bad-sector instead of as non-trimmed. This avoids reading a sector
twice when a cluster size of 1 is used.

Ddrescue now removes the last block from the logfile if it starts at the
end of the input file and is not marked as finished. This automatically
adjusts the logfile to shrinking input devices, like CD-ROMs written in
Track-At-Once mode.

A bug has been fixed that prevented status to update after the system
clock had been put back.

Slow reads are now ignored during the first 10 seconds.

Control-C no more overwrites status message.

Generate mode no more requires the "--force" option when outfile is not
a regular file.

Ddrescuelog no more says that the logfile does not exist when it exists
but is empty.

The new chapter "Using ddrescue safely" has been added to the manual.

The manual now explains that only whole sectors can be read when "direct
disc access" is used.

Changes in version 1.16:

The new option "-K, --skip-size" has been added.

The new option "-T, --timeout", which sets the maximum time allowed
since the last successful read, has been added.

The short name of option "--try-again" has been changed to "-A".

Maximum skip size is now limited to 1% of infile size or 1 GiB
(whichever is smaller), rounded to the next multiple of sector size.

The current position is now set to the end of the block when reading
backwards, allowing perfect resumability also in reverse mode.

The "-E, --max-error-rate" option now checks the rate of actually failed
reads, not the growth of error size, and shows the error rate in the
error message.

The option "-v, --verbose" now increases verbosity if repeated.

Initial skip size is now shown at verbosity level 1 and above.

Most user-defined parameters are now shown at verbosity level 2 and

Verbosity level 2 and above adds two lines of initial status showing
current position, current sector, and size of last block in logfile.

Quote characters in messages have been changed as advised by GNU Coding

Christian Franke


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