Updated: automake1.11-1.11.6-2

Charles Wilson cygwin@cwilson.fastmail.fm
Fri Aug 2 14:33:00 GMT 2013

Automake is a tool for automatically generating `Makefile.in's
suitable for use with Autoconf, compliant with the GNU Makefile
standards, and portable to various make implementations. This
package contains the latest version of automake 1.11 system,

This is a routine packaging update.

This cygwin package, automake1.11, can be installed without conflict
alongside the existing automake1.14 ... automake1.12, and automake1.10
... automake1.4 cygwin packages.

* Rely on cygport to autogenerate setup.hints
* Update config.sub/config.guess to latest standard (supports
* Use 'alternatives' only for documentation; rely on wrapper
  to handle the tools themselves.
* First cygwin64 release

CHANGES (excerpts from upstream announcement):
1.11.6: This message announces the Automake 1.11.6 bug-fixing
1.11.6: release.
1.11.6: This release FIXES A SECURITY VULNERABILITY (CVE-2012-3386),
1.11.6: so you are strongly encouraged to upgrade your existing
1.11.6: Automake installation ASAP.
1.11.6: With this release, the recipe of the 'distcheck' target no
1.11.6: longer grants temporary world-wide write permissions on the
1.11.6: extracted distdir.  Even if such rights were only granted for
1.11.6: a vanishingly small time window, the implied race condition
1.11.6: proved to be enough to allow a local attacker to run arbitrary
1.11.6: code with the privilegesof the user running "make distcheck".
1.11.6: The fix of this security vulnerability is the only change
1.11.6: between the earlier 1.11.5 release and the present 1.11.6 one.
1.11.6: See the original release announcement for details.
1.11.6: http://lists.gnu.org/archive/html/automake/2012-07/msg00021.html

Testsuite results:
cyg32| 2 of 910 tests failed
cyg32| (41 tests were not run)
cyg64| 5 of 913 tests failed
cyg64| (38 tests were not run)

Testsuite Details:
both| FAIL: compile_f90_c_cxx.test
            Looks like a bug in the test. It expects a copy of
            config.guess/config.sub in the testing directory, but
            never copies it there nor runs automake with --add-missing.
cyg32|FAIL: lzma.test
            Seems to be a bug in our version of lzma (from xz-5.02). It
            reports "lzma: (stdin): Cannot allocate memory" whenever an
            attempt is made to compress a stdio stream. (64bit lzma.exe
            is newer).

cyg64|FAIL: vala-vapi.test
cyg64|FAIL: vala-vpath.test
cyg64|FAIL: vala-mix.test
cyg64|FAIL: vala-mix2.test
            In each case, these tests are skipped on cyg32 (no vala
            installed). The failure appears to be a mismatch between the
            expectations of the test and the capabilities of my vala:
            Any attempt to actally launch valac reports: "error: Unknown
            profile posix"

I'm really not too concerned about these failures, since they all appear
to be (a) bugs in the testsuite, or (b) bugs in other programs.

Charles Wilson
volunteer automake maintainer for cygwin


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