NEW: automake1.13-1.13.4-1

Charles Wilson
Fri Aug 2 14:32:00 GMT 2013

Automake is a tool for automatically generating `'s
suitable for use with Autoconf, compliant with the GNU Makefile
standards, and portable to various make implementations. This is
the first release in the automake-1.13 release series, and contains
the latest version of automake system, automake-1.13.4.

This cygwin package, automake1.13, can be installed without conflict
alongside the existing automake1.14, automake1.12 ... automake1.4
cygwin packages,

CHANGES (vs automake 1.12 series)
1.13.4: We are pleased to announce the GNU Automake 1.13.4
1.13.4: maintenance release.
1.13.4: This is a bug-fixing release, that remedies to a minor (and
1.13.4: almost certainly basically harmless) regression introduced
1.13.4: in the previous 1.13.3 micro release:
1.13.4:    When two or more user-defined suffix rules are present in
1.13.4:    a single, automake 1.13.3 would needlessly
1.13.4:    include definition of some make variables related to
1.13.4:    C compilation in the generated (this is
1.13.4:    bug#14560, reported by Ralf Corsepius). This is fixed in
1.13.4:    automake 1.13.4.
1.13.4: Apart from few minor testsuite enhancements, the fix for the
1.13.4: bug reported above is only relevant change between Automake
1.13.4: 1.13.3 and Automake 1.13.4, so we omit the usual detailed
1.13.4: excerpt from NEWS.
1.13.4: See the official announcement for more information:

1.13.3: We are pleased to announce the GNU Automake 1.13.3
1.13.3: maintenance release.
1.13.3: This is bug-fixing release, fixing a couple of corner-case
1.13.3: bugs, and reworking the testsuite to avoid long-standing
1.13.3: issues. The work on the testsuite might have introduced
1.13.3: spurious failures on less-tested platforms, so don't be
1.13.3: overly alarmed in case you see new failures there; just
1.13.3: report such failures to <address@hidden>.
1.13.3: See below for the detailed list of changes since the
1.13.3: previous version, as summarized by the NEWS file.
1.13.3: See the official announcement for more information:

1.13.2: We are pleased to announce the GNU Automake 1.13.2
1.13.2: maintenance release.
1.13.2: Automake 1.13.2 is (mostly) a bug-fixing release.
1.13.2: Its main purpose is to re-introduce some obsolete m4
1.13.2: macros that had been removed too hastily, bringing
1.13.2: woes and problems for distro packagers; see:
1.13.2: <>
1.13.2: <
1.13.2: ake-pains>
1.13.2: The 1.13.2 release alos fixes for several bugs (both old and
1.13.2: new), and introduces new runtime (non-fatal!) warnings for
1.13.2: a couple of discouraged features in Texinfo support: use of
1.13.2: suffix-less info files, and use of Texinfo input files with
1.13.2: '.txi' or '.texinfo' extensions. Note that there is no plan
1.13.2: to remove such features in any upcoming automake versions.
1.13.2: See the official announcement for more information:

1.13.1: We are pleased to announce the GNU Automake 1.13.1
1.13.1: maintenance release.
1.13.1: This is a bug-fixing release, partly remedying to the
1.13.1: too-abrupt removal on our part of some long-obsoleted
1.13.1: macros which were however still used "in the wild":
1.13.1: AM_CONFIG_HEADER and (to a much lesser degree)
1.13.1: AM_PROG_CC_STDC. Now the use of these obsolete macros elicit
1.13.1: clear and helpful error messages, rather than obscure
1.13.1: failures that give no hint about to the reason behind them.
1.13.1: See the official announcement for more information:

1.13.0: We are pleased to announce the GNU Automake 1.13 major
1.13.0: release.
1.13.0: This release brings several changes, a couple of bug-fixes,
1.13.0: and some backward incompatibilities over the 1.12.x series.
1.13.0: The detailed list of changes since the previous version, as
1.13.0: described in the NEWS file, is given below. Here is a quick
1.13.0: summary of the most important changes:
1.13.0:  + Autoconf >= 2.65 and Texinfo >= 4.9 are now required.
1.13.0:  + Support for the "Cygnus-style" trees has been removed
1.13.0: (bug#11034).
1.13.0:  + Elisp byte-compilation recipes have been overhauled, for
1.13.0:  better support of VPATH and subdir builds, and improved
1.13.0:  concurrency.
1.13.0:  + The parallel testsuite harness (previously only enabled
1.13.0:  by the 'parallel-tests' option) is now the default.
1.13.0:  + The user can now define his own recursive targets, with
1.13.0:  the help of the new 'AM_EXTRA_RECURSIVE_TARGETS' m4 macro.
1.13.0:  + Semantics of the 'missing' script have been radically
1.13.0:  altered: it no longer tries to update the timestamp of
1.13.0:  out-of-date files that require a maintainer-specific tool
1.13.0:  to be remade, but just gives clearer and useful warnings
1.13.0:  than a "program not found" diagnostic.
1.13.0:  now be used to declare the local m4 include directories.
1.13.0:  Accordingly, the special make variable ACLOCAL_AMFLAGS will
1.13.0:  become deprecated in future releases, and you should start
1.13.0:  moving away from it ASAP.
1.13.0: See the official announcement for more information:

Testsuite results:
Testsuite summary for GNU Automake 1.13.4
         cyg32  cyg64
# TOTAL: 2992   2992
# PASS:  2855   2876
# SKIP:  93       77
# XFAIL: 40       39
# FAIL:  4         0
# XPASS: 0         0
# ERROR: 0         0

Testsuite details:
The tests were executed with LANG=en_US.UTF-8, running as a regular
user on Windows 7 64bit with cygwin(32)-1.7.21-1 / cygwin(64)-1.7.21-7.

The four cyg32 failures were:
cyg32| FAIL: t/tap-signal.tap 2 - count of test results
cyg32| FAIL: t/tap-signal.tap 5 - TAP driver catch test term. by SIGQUIT
cyg32| FAIL: t/tap-signal-w.tap 2 - count of test results
cyg32| FAIL: t/tap-signal-w.tap 5 - TAP driver catch test term. by SIGQUIT
which appear to be due to a difference in signal handling with respect
to SIGQUIT between cygwin32 and cygwin64. This issue is being

Still -- only 4 (or 0) failures out of almost 3000 tests is not bad.

Charles Wilson
volunteer automake maintainer for cygwin


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