Updated: automake1.12-1.12.6-2

Charles Wilson cygwin@cwilson.fastmail.fm
Fri Aug 2 14:32:00 GMT 2013

Automake is a tool for automatically generating `Makefile.in's
suitable for use with Autoconf, compliant with the GNU Makefile
standards, and portable to various make implementations. This is
package contains the latest version of automake system in the 1.12.x
series, automake-1.12.6.

This release updates to the latest upstream release.

This cygwin package, automake1.12, can be installed without conflict
alongside the existing automake1.14, automake1.13, automake1.10 ...
automake1.4 cygwin packages.

* Updated to latest upstream release
* Rely on cygport to autogenerate setup.hints
* Update config.sub/config.guess to latest standard (supports
* Use 'alternatives' only for documentation; rely on wrapper
  to handle the tools themselves.
* First cygwin64 release

1.12.6: We are pleased to announce the GNU Automake 1.12.6
1.12.6: maintenance release.
1.12.6: Python byte-compilation now supports the new layout mandated
1.12.6: by PEP-3147, with its __pycache__ directory (this fixes
1.12.6: automake bug#8847). Another minor bug, where to python
1.12.6: modules were being installed in improper directories, has
1.12.6: been fixed as well (automake bug#10227).
1.12.6: In addition, some minor bugs in the Automake's own build
1.12.6: system, as well as some spurious testsuite failures and
1.12.6: other minor testsuite issues, have been fixed.
1.12.6: See the official announcement for more information:
1.12.6: http://lists.gnu.org/archive/html/autotools-announce/2012-12/msg00000.html

Testsuite results:
Testsuite summary for GNU Automake 1.12.6a
         cyg32  cyg64
# TOTAL: 2879   2879
# PASS:  2751   2771
# SKIP:  86       70
# XFAIL: 38       38
# FAIL:  4         0
# XPASS: 0         0
# ERROR: 0         0

Testsuite details:
The tests were executed with LANG=en_US.UTF-8, running as a regular
user on Windows 7 64bit with cygwin(32)-1.7.21-1 / cygwin(64)-1.7.21-7.

The four cyg32 failures were:
cyg32| FAIL: t/tap-signal.tap 2 - count of test results
cyg32| FAIL: t/tap-signal.tap 5 - TAP driver catch test term. by SIGQUIT
cyg32| FAIL: t/tap-signal-w.tap 2 - count of test results
cyg32| FAIL: t/tap-signal-w.tap 5 - TAP driver catch test term. by SIGQUIT
which appear to be due to a difference in signal handling with respect
to SIGQUIT between cygwin32 and cygwin64. This issue is being

Still -- only 4 (or 0) failures out of almost 3000 tests is not bad.

Charles Wilson
volunteer automake maintainer for cygwin


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