Updated: gnuplot-4.6.3-1: A command-line driven interactive function plotting utility

Dr. Volker Zell dr.volker.zell@oracle.com
Mon Apr 29 17:09:00 GMT 2013


A new version of 'gnuplot' has been uploaded to a server near you.

 o Update to latest upstream release.
 o Build for cygwin 1.7.18 with gcc-4.5.3

gnuplot NEWS:
New features, changes and fixes in gnuplot version 4.6.3

* NEW space raises console for console mode gnuplot on Windows
* CHANGE -persist mode does not open text window of wgnuplot
* FIX -persist mode broken on Windows
* FIX -persist mode results in zombie process if using wxt terminal on Windows
* FIX suppression of color in linetypes after "set term ... mono"
* FIX synchronization of graphics and text color transitions in latex terminals
* FIX memory allocation ofr stats command applied to a large matrix

New features, changes and fixes in gnuplot version 4.6.2

* NEW Allow the "bind" command to attach a user command to mouse button 1
* NEW hidden3d can handle occlusion by pm3d surfaces (as in hidden2.dem)
* NEW -d option from command line skips ~/.gnuplot initialization file
* NEW plot '<&N' plots from file descriptor N opened during shell invocation
* CHANGE "unset term" restores original default terminal (GNUTERM)
* CHANGE ignore extraneous trailing comma in a plot command
* CHANGE special case code for faster input of uniform binary matrix data
* CHANGE test for whether the session should be interactive or non-interactive
* CHANGE draw zeroaxis lines in the same layer as the grid and border
* CHANGE allow 2-column-only variant of yerrorbars (implicit x coord)
* CHANGE using "COLUMNHEADER" requires an exact string match
* FIX aquaterm rendering of rgbimage plot type
* FIX gd terminal fontsize change requested by set_font(",newsize")
* FIX qt terminal font metrics
* FIX qt terminal mouse tracking and resize events for persistent plots
* FIX x11 terminal sometimes failed to reset the line width
* FIX -persist option broken if configured without x11
* FIX -persist mode continued mousing of 3D "set view map" plots
* FIX reset parsing state after error in parsing string input
* FIX buffer overflow from very long tic label formats
* FIX broken handling of formatted input via 'using 1:2 "<format>"'
* FIX exit current command file from inside bracketed clause
* FIX estimation of space required for rotated x-axis tic labels
* FIX partial axis ranges (e.g. xrange [*:MAX]) when refreshing volatile data

New features, changes and fixes in gnuplot version 4.6.1

* NEW syntax hints inside Emacs gnuplot-mode
* NEW support tabulation (set table) of pixel values from image plot styles
* NEW support tabulation of variable color column
* CHANGE emf output modified for better compatibility with MS Office programs
* CHANGE canvas terminal loads appropriate font file for UTF-8 encoding
* CHANGE skip execution of empty iteration loops in set and do commands
* CHANGE build scripts modified to accommodate automake 1.12
* CHANGE new policy: objects given in screen coords are not clipped to graph
* CHANGE Draw the z-axis label at a fixed distance to the left of the z-axis
* CHANGE "unset object N" succeeds even if there is currently no object N
* CHANGE gnuplot.el: catch up with 10 year old syntax change in emacs/elisp
* FIX margin space required for rotated axis tic labels
* FIX check for NaN values in binary input
* FIX backslash handling in enhanced text strings
* FIX cairo terminals sometimes lost the line segment before a polygon
* FIX interactive toggle of multiplots in svg
* FIX failure to balance {} if an input file did not end with a newline
* FIX strlen() and substring operators correctly handle UTF-8
* FIX initialization of history when configured --with-readline=bsd
* FIX set term cairolatex pdf mono
* FIX palette-related corruption in some cairolatex output
* FIX preserve number of active call arguments across a nested call command
* FIX wxt terminal mutex protecting execution of the command list
* FIX apply clipping to the interior fill of circles and ellipses
* FIX corruption of weights used for plotting with smooth acsplines
* FIX skip columnheader line when applying "every" filter
* FIX handle out-of-range pm3d values when cb axis is set to log scale
* FIX top/bottom color distinction in hidden3d when not using palette/RGB colors
* FIX allow toggling on/off of more than 10 plots in windows terminal
* FIX color printing from windows terminal
* FIX set term win font ",<size>"
* FIX incorrect return for acos(x) when imag(x) > 0 (bug present since v3.7)
      incorrect return for asin(x) when imag(x) > 0 (bug in 4.4.4, 4.6.0)
      incorrect asinh(x) when real(x) < 0 && imag(x) == 0 (bug in 4.4.4, 4.6.0)
* FIX keep sufficient precision in canvas and svg coords to report time in msec
* FIX the input buffer was not always extended correctly inside a { clause }
* FIX some cairolatex set_color requests were being ignored
* FIX calculated value of kernel density mean and sigma
* FIX emf terminal dashed line support
* FIX qt terminal build/installation procedure on OSX
* FIX array overflow while processing rowstacked histograms
* FIX boxes containing transparent patterns in PostScript output 


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