Updated: {libfpx/libfpx1/libfpx-devel}- FlashPIX image library

Dr. Volker Zell dr.volker.zell@oracle.com
Mon Apr 22 05:01:00 GMT 2013


New versions of 'libfpx/libfpx1/libfpx-devel' have been uploaded to a server near you.

 o Update to latest upstream release
 o Build for cygwin 1.7.17 with gcc4-4.5.3
 o Uses cygport for .hint files generation
 o debuginfo package included

libfpx NEWS:
  * Don't compare FPXStatus to int
  * The same virtual method (CreateEmptyResolutionLevel) is declared with a
    slightly different signature in the two files
  * Terminate string after copy
  * Fix double free error when processing certain specially crafted FPX files.


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