Updated: {gnutls/libgnutls28/gnutls-devel/gnutls-doc/gnutls-guile}-3.1.3-1: Library implementing TLS 1.0 and SSL 3.0 protocols

Dr. Volker Zell dr.volker.zell@oracle.com
Thu Oct 18 11:54:00 GMT 2012


New versions of 'gnutls/libgnutls28/gnutls-devel/gnutls-doc/gnutls-guile' have been uploaded to a server near you.

 o Update to latest upstream version
 o Build for cygwin 1.7.16 with gcc-4.5.3

gnutls NEWS:

* Version 3.1.3 (released 2012-10-12)

** libgnutls: Added support for the OCSP Certificate Status

** libgnutls: gnutls_certificate_verify_peers2() will use the OCSP
certificate status extension in verification.

** libgnutls: Bug fixes in gnutls_x509_privkey_import_openssl().

** libgnutls: Increased maximum password length in the PKCS #12

** libgnutls: Fixed the receipt of session tickets during session resumption.
Reported by danblack at http://savannah.gnu.org/support/?108146

** libgnutls: Added functions to export structures in an allocated buffer.

** libgnutls: Added gnutls_ocsp_resp_check_crt() to check whether the OCSP
response corresponds to the given certificate.

** libgnutls: In client side gnutls_init() enables the session ticket and
OCSP certificate status request extensions by default. The flag
GNUTLS_NO_EXTENSIONS can be used to prevent that.

** libgnutls: Several updates in the OpenPGP code. The generating code
is fully RFC6091 compliant and RFC5081 support is only supported in client

** libgnutls-dane: Added. It is a library to provide DANE with DNSSEC
certificate verification.

** gnutls-cli: Added --dane option to enable DANE certificate verification.

** danetool: Added tool to generate DANE TLSA Resource Records (RR).

** API and ABI modifications:
gnutls_certificate_get_peers_subkey_id: Added
gnutls_certificate_set_ocsp_status_request_function: Added
gnutls_certificate_set_ocsp_status_request_file: Added
gnutls_ocsp_status_request_enable_client: Added
gnutls_ocsp_status_request_get: Added
gnutls_ocsp_resp_check_crt: Added
gnutls_dh_params_export2_pkcs3: Added
gnutls_pubkey_export2: Added
gnutls_x509_crt_export2: Added
gnutls_x509_dn_export2: Added
gnutls_x509_crl_export2: Added
gnutls_pkcs7_export2: Added
gnutls_x509_privkey_export2: Added
gnutls_x509_privkey_export2_pkcs8: Added
gnutls_x509_crq_export2: Added
gnutls_openpgp_crt_export2: Added
gnutls_openpgp_privkey_export2: Added
gnutls_pkcs11_obj_export2: Added
gnutls_pkcs12_export2: Added
gnutls_pubkey_import_openpgp_raw: Added
gnutls_pubkey_import_x509_raw: Added
dane_state_init: Added
dane_state_deinit: Added
dane_query_tlsa: Added
dane_query_status: Added
dane_query_entries: Added
dane_query_data: Added
dane_query_deinit: Added
dane_verify_session_crt: Added
dane_verify_crt: Added
dane_strerror: Added

* Version 3.1.2 (released 2012-09-26)

** libgnutls: Fixed bug in gnutls_x509_trust_list_add_system_trust()
and gnutls_x509_trust_list_add_trust_mem() that prevented the loading
of certificates in the windows platform.

** libgnutls: Corrected bug in OpenPGP subpacket encoding.

** libgnutls: Added support for DTLS/TLS heartbeats by Olga Smolenchuk.
(the work was done during Google Summer of Code).

** libgnutls: Added X.509 certificate verification flag
GNUTLS_VERIFY_ALLOW_UNSORTED_CHAIN. This flag allows the verification
of unsorted certificate chains and is enabled by default for
TLS certificate verification (if gnutls_certificate_set_verify_flags()
does not override it).

** libgnutls: Prints warning on certificates that contain keys of
an insecure level. If the %COMPAT priority flag is not specified
the TLS connection fails.

** libgnutls: Correctly restore gnutls_record_recv() in DTLS mode
if interrupted during the retrasmition of handshake data.

** libgnutls: Better mingw32 support (patch by LRN).

** libgnutls: The %COMPAT keyword, if specified, will tolerate
key usage violation errors (they are far too common to ignore).

** libgnutls: Added GNUTLS_STATELESS_COMPRESSION flag to gnutls_init(),
which provides a tool to counter compression-related attacks where
parts of the data are controlled by the attacker _and_ are placed in
separate records (use with care - do not use compression if not sure).

** libgnutls: Depends on libtasn1 2.14 or later.

** certtool: Prints the number of bits of the public key algorithm
parameter in a private key.

** API and ABI modifications:
gnutls_x509_privkey_get_pk_algorithm2: Added
gnutls_heartbeat_ping: Added
gnutls_heartbeat_pong: Added
gnutls_heartbeat_allowed: Added
gnutls_heartbeat_enable: Added
gnutls_heartbeat_set_timeouts: Added
gnutls_heartbeat_get_timeout: Added


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