Updated: cygport-0.11.1-1

Yaakov (Cygwin/X) yselkowitz@users.sourceforge.net
Thu Oct 11 04:10:00 GMT 2012

I have just released cygport-0.11.1 for the Cygwin distribution and the 
Fedora Cygwin repository.  New in this release:

* Spec-style .cygport files
Filename constraints do not apply if NAME, VERSION, and RELEASE are
defined.  These variables are intended to replace PN/PV/PR.

* Updated for GStreamer 1.0

* New install command: make_autostart_entry.

* Bugfixes for debuginfo packages and dependency detection.

Changes in this release (25):
      rubygem: do not install duplicate .so files
      list_deps: fix typo in libtool library dependencies
      list_deps: handle commas in pkg-config Requires fields
      list_deps: assure Windows\System32 dir is in PATH
      list_deps: fix Java split package dependencies
      list_deps: ignore Lua/Perl/Python/Ruby/Tcl scripts in docdir
      dodoc: Fix installation of filenames containing spaces
      list_deps: try harder to avoid listing a package as dependent on itself
      src_install: add make_autostart_entry command
      Fix scope of variables
      berkdb: update unsupported version error
      gnome2: fix indentation
      gtkmm: remove obsolete configure flags
      prepstrip: ignore .mdb files in misnamed executable search
      debuginfo: enable generation for static libraries
      list_deps: handle filenames with spaces
      fossil: update for 1.23
      Allow RPM spec filename style as alternative to Gentoo-style filenames
      list_deps: fix pkg-config library dependencies
      Allow comma-separated list variables
      gstreamer: Update for 1.0
      prepstrip: handle .lib as import library
      prepstrip: fix debuginfo detection for mingw64 toolchain
      autotools: fix libtool detection for XCB packages
      cygport 0.11.1




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