Updated: Unicode text editor MinEd 2012.20

Thomas Wolff towo@towo.net
Sun Jan 29 09:15:00 GMT 2012

                           MinEd  2012.20
                           (January 2012)

Major enhancements in this release:

Interworking enhancements:
* Workaround for cygwin lock files on network drives.
* Workarounds for configuration problems with various terminals.
* Optimized escape sequence detection for slow terminal connections.
(Further enhancements, less interesting for cygwin:)
* Re-ported to VMS (OpenVMS), this time without curses.
* Supporting DEC locator for mouse-like navigation on DEC terminals.
* Ported to SCO UnixWare.
* Workaround for systems not reporting proper window size/changes.


Mined is a powerful text editor with a comprehensive yet concise and 
easy-to-use user interface supporting modern interaction paradigms, 
and fast, small-footprint behaviour.

Mined provides both extensive Unicode and CJK support offering many 
specific features and covering special cases that other editors 
are not aware of (like auto-detection features and automatic handling 
of terminal variations, or Han character information).

Mined supports full mouse control and menu system in plain-text terminals 
(and it was the first editor supporting Unicode in xterm).

Mined offers a full set of text and file management features, like 
data loss prevention (<img align=absmiddle src=new-rot.gif title=2011.19>
using backup, recovery files, and file locking 
interoperable with other editors, and file change monitoring), 
and an interactive file chooser.

Basically, mined is an editor tailored to reliable and efficient 
editing of plain text documents and programs, with comfortable 
features and intuitive interactive behaviour designed for this purpose.


To install mined on cygwin, run the cygwin setup program, 
in the "Select Packages" menu, open the "Editors" category and 
select the mined package.

More information (with screenshots, feature overview and change log) 
and download are available from the mined web site at

Mined is co-hosted at sourceforge and has a mailing list 
which can be subscribed at

Thomas Wolff

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