Updated: cygport-0.10.7-1

Yaakov (Cygwin/X) yselkowitz@users.sourceforge.net
Tue Jan 10 04:07:00 GMT 2012

I just updated cygport to 0.10.7 for the Cygwin distribution.  An update
for the Fedora Cygwin repository will follow shortly.

New features in this release:

* cygport now supports DEPEND build-time dependencies listing (see the
manual for details).

* Libtool .la file removal can be activated and controlled with

Changes in 0.10.7 (49):
      distutils: pass along arguments to distutils_install
      pkg: exclude .gch (GCC precompiled headers) from diff
      mirrors: note upcoming closure of berlios.de
      postinst: silent obsolete warning about missing Cygwin README
      test: silence error if no testsuite is found
      autotools: forcefully disable /usr/bin/foo-config detection when cross-compiling
      wxwidgets: add cross-compiling support
      kde4: support calligra and calligra-l10n
      php: update channel list
      git: fix GIT_BRANCH
      mono: define DCMS
      check_funcs: mark check_*tool functions readonly
      Move check_pkg_config to global scope
      Move check_perl_module to global scope
      Add check_lua_module
      Add check_python_module
      Add check_python3_module
      Add check_ruby_module
      Add check_tcl_module
      Add check_vala_module
      Add check_girepository_module
      Add check_ocaml_module
      Move check_R_package to global scope as check_R_module
      Implement DEPEND build-time requirements check
      gnome2: fix regression in gnome2_compile
      check_vala_module: output .c file to tempdir
      cygautoreconf: ignore AC_CONFIG_SUBDIRS if commented out
      kde4: fix SRC_URI for calligra-l10n
      make_desktop_entry: allow program with absolute path
      gnome.org: adapt to tarball compression format change
      Document that PV can contain a hyphen.
      ocaml: language renamed upstream from Objective Caml to OCaml
      gst-plugins0.10: allow for separate -bad and -bad-free packages
      Support new PKG_CONFIG_SYSTEM_*_PATH variables
      emacs: make bytecode compiling automatic in postinstall
      Fix handling of patch tarballs in PATCH_URI
      Implement KEEP_LA_FILES
      gst-plugins0.10: add waveform plugin to -good
      Revert "mirrors: note upcoming closure of berlios.de"
      xfce4: Provide revision for running xdt-autogen in git checkouts
      xfce4: Set PLATFORM_LDFLAGS to -no-undefined
      apache2: fix doapache2mod
      unpack: Recognize capitalized .ZIP
      waf: Only --prefix is universally supported
      Require CC -print-sysroot support only if cross-compiling
      spec: Remove dist tag from noarch packages
      Update gnuconfig
      spec: Override pkglibdir to avoid i686/x86_64 %_libdir differences
      cygport 0.10.7




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