New: rakudo-star-201007-1, Updated: rakudo-201007_47-1 (aka perl6)

Reini Urban
Sun Aug 29 08:34:00 GMT 2010

rakudo-star on cygwin is parrot plus rakudo (a perl6 implemention on 
parrot) plus some new perl6 libraries, docs and libraries and blizkost, 
a perl5 parrot language which embeds libperl5. Contrary to the upstream
rakudo-star release for the masses, this does not include the external
parrot or rakudo releases. The external rakudo releases in the future 
will match the rakudo star release. That's why this rakudo has the 
version 201007_47, not just 201007, because it's the one from rakudo-star

* first package, using external parrot, and an updated rakudo 2010.07-47
* some blizkost and make install patches (already applied upstream)
* some testing hacks


On behalf of the Rakudo and Perl 6 development teams, I'm happy to
announce the July 2010 release of "Rakudo Star", a useful and usable
distribution of Perl 6.  The tarball for the July 2010 release is
available from <>.

Rakudo Star is aimed at "early adopters" of Perl 6.  We know that
it still has some bugs, it is far slower than it ought to be, and
there are some advanced pieces of the Perl 6 language specification
that aren't implemented yet.  But Rakudo Perl 6 in its current form
is also proving to be viable (and fun) for developing applications
and exploring a great new language.  These "Star" releases are
intended to make Perl 6 more widely available to programmers, grow
the Perl 6 codebase, and gain additional end-user feedback about the
Perl 6 language and Rakudo's implementation of it.

In the Perl 6 world, we make a distinction between the language
("Perl 6") and specific implementations of the language such as
"Rakudo Perl".  "Rakudo Star" is a distribution that includes
release #31 of the Rakudo Perl 6 compiler [1], version 2.6.0 of
the Parrot Virtual Machine [2], and various modules, documentation,
and other resources collected from the Perl 6 community.  We
plan to make Rakudo Star releases on a monthly schedule, with
occasional special releases in response to important bugfixes or
Reini Urban


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