NEW: {libtirpc/libtirpc1/libtirpc-devel}-0.2.1-1

Charles Wilson
Thu Aug 19 17:19:00 GMT 2010

libtirpc is an updated version of the Sun RPC library. As such, it
replaces part of the (orphaned) sunrpc package -- just as on linux, it
replaces the built-in RPC routines in glibc:
You should update sunrpc, if installed, to 4.0-4 or above.

The headers are installed into
and not

As a consequence, developers must add -I/usr/lib/tirpc when compiling
RPC clients and servers on cygwin. Similarly, linking requires -ltirpc.
However, this is the same procedure used on linux -- so any client
that has already been taught how to accept tirpc on linux will be fine
on cygwin.

This version is compiled without the XDR routines, as cygwin-1.7.2+
provides those routines internally.

It is compiled without AUTH_DES support (that is, cygwin libtirpc is not
NIS-aware, because there is not yet any cygwin NIS server or client;
since NIS requires a portmap or rpcbind implementation, we have a bit of
a chicken/egg issue).

Also, it is compiled without GSS_API support, because the official
cygwin distribution does not yet contain any Kerboros implementation.

Thus, this version of libtirpc supports only unencrypted communication.
However, MOST uses of RPC are unencrypted, so this shouldn't be a big deal.

Official PR blurb:
This package contains SunLib's implementation of transport-independent
RPC (TI-RPC) documentation.  This library forms a piece of the base of
Open Network Computing (ONC), and is derived directly from the Solaris
2.3 source.

TI-RPC is an enhanced version of TS-RPC that requires the UNIX System V
Transport Layer Interface (TLI) or an equivalent X/Open Transport
Interface (XTI).  TI-RPC is on-the-wire compatible with the TS-RPC,
which is supported by almost 70 vendors on all major operating systems.
TS-RPC source code (RPCSRC 4.0) remains available from several internet

Charles Wilson
volunteer libtirpc maintainer for cygwin


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