Updated: parrot-2.6.0-1 (and parrot-devel, parrot-docs)

Reini Urban rurban@x-ray.at
Wed Aug 4 08:16:00 GMT 2010

I updated the Cygwin distribution of parrot-2.6.0-1.
This is a stable, a so-called "supported" release.

Canonical homepage:

Canonical download:

My repo:

Packaging Details:
* No changes.
* Tested together with rakudo-201007_47-1 (waiting for rakudo-star)
   and rakudo-star-201007-1 (ITP)

New in 2.6.0
- Core
   + Plug some memory leaks
   + As always, bug fixes and some optimizations
- Runtime
   + added (experimental) URI::Escape
- Testing
   + Improved test coverage of core parrot
- Documentation
   + Updated the Squaak tutorial to use modern NQP-rx and PCT
- Platforms
   + The Fedora package 'parrot-devel' install the files for 
     and automatic indenting for the vim editor
- NQP-rx
   + Updated version included from http://github.com/perl6/nqp-rx includes
     new or improved: regex backtracking, named assertions, interactive 
     and setting (a minimal but useful runtime library)

New in 2.5.0
- Core
   + Added ByteBuffer PMC to allow direct byte manipulation
   + Modified some PMC vtable functions to reduce complexity, 
simplifying coverage.
   + Modified PAST to generate symbolic PASM constants in PIR output.
   + General STRING API cleanups
   + Increased test coverage of core PMCs
   + Fixed up 'exit' opcode, added CONTROL_EXIT exception type.
   + Experimental 'unroll' opcode renamed to 'finalize'
- NQP-rx
   + Added proper support for multisubs and multimethods
   + Fixed sigspace handling ** quantifier in regexes
   + Added \e strings
   + Added use of inversion lists for charclass lists in regexes
- Platforms
   + EPEL (Extra Packages for Enterprise Linux) packages for RHEL6.beta 
are available
- Begin moving towards Lorito, the ops refactor to enable pervasive 
self-hosting and JIT compilation.
   + All ops are now built with the self-hosted opsc compiler.
   + For more Information about Lorito see:

New in 2.4.0
- Core
   + Various long-standing bugs in IMCC were fixed
   + STRINGs are now immutable.
   + use STRINGNULL instead of NULL when working with strings
   + Fixed storage of methods in the NameSpace PMC
   + Added :nsentry flag to force method to be stored in the NameSpace
   + Added StringBuilder and PackfileDebug PMCs
   + Added experimental opcodes find_codepoint and unroll
- Compilers
   + Fixed reporting of line numbers in IMCC
   + Removed deprecated NQP compiler, replaced with new NQP-RX
   + Removed NCIGen compiler
- Deprecations
   + Tools to distribute on CPAN were removed
   + Deprecated dynpmcs have been removed to external repositories
   + Removed RetContinuation PMC
   + Removed CGoto, CGP, and Switch runcores
- Tests
   + Many tests for the extend/embed interface were added
   + done_testing() is now implemented in Test::More
- Tools
   + The fakexecutable tapir is renamed parrot-prove
   + Performance fixes to the pbc_to_exe tool
   + Fix data_json to work outside of trunk
   + The dynpmc GzipHandle (zlib wrapper) was added
   + The library Archive/Tar.pir was added.
   + The library Archive/Zip.pir was added.
   + The libraries LWP.pir, HTTP/Message.pir & URI.pir were added.
- Miscellaneous
   + Six Parrot-related projects accepted to GSoC
   + Improve use of const and other compiler hints


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